Gaming is perhaps my biggest interest outside of reading.  I spend plenty of timing bashing and shooting things. It’s stress relief of a different sort. Of course that’s not always true. PvP can bring it’s own stress.

My game of choice lately had been Destiny on the XBox One. It’s been all PvP this past week since the Iron Banner tournament has been live again.  It only happens every so often so it’s generally worth doing, especially since the things you can buy with glimmer Syu certain tanks are usually worth getting.

The problem? Playing solo. I love to play solo. It’s just in my nature, however certain things at difficult to do that way.  Iron Banner is one. You can, certainly, but it’s a ton more fun to play with a group of friends. It also brings the wins in more frequently.

Subita Mors is the clan that I’m in. They’ve been great to be honest. The past week of running Iron Banner with them has been absolutely great!  Working together to take flags and protect them makes things go much more smoothly. We’re not the best, but the teamwork that we used allowed us to win a lot more than we lost.

I generally also play with my brother in law. We tend to take on the Nightfall strikes and weekly heroic strikes on our own. The simpler stuff. It works well enough. There is sometimes a third person to help with those, and that just makes things go that much smoother.

So, in closing, maybe I shouldn’t solo as much. Nah. I’ll still solo as much as I can.  🙂

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