So, running sword on Crota…

…is fun. It’s more fun when you do it right the first time instead of screwing it up over and over again.

I apparently forgot that I shouldn’t pick up the Chalice until we’re ready to roll. I was running out to get out while my two fireteam members were clearing out the first rooms. Oops.

It was getting aggravating getting the sword only to watch Crota move to the right side position. Seems a little more difficult to get to him that way. Lesson learned.

None of my friends were online and playing Destiny when i logged on yesterday, so i decided to give soloing the Crota’s End raid on normal a shot. I was looking to practice with the sword anyway, ao that’s what I did.

The Abyss? Easy. I’ve been running that for awhile now.

The Bridge? It took me Few attempts to get the bridge built with the sword in hand, but I got it done. First time across and I was able to complete that part.

Shrieker Hallway? That was a bitch if I do say so myself, but I got it. Trial and error and several deaths. I even got the chest at the end. Go me.

I have the Deathsinger a few attempts before my brother-in-law logged in. He came in and helped out. We got that done in a few attempts.

Crota? Because of my forgetting… We didn’t finished. On to other things!

We came back later after dragging a friend through a level 34 Prison of Elders. That was his first completion there. We tried out Crota again. I figured that we could do it, because two of us got Crota down to about a third of his health. Three should be easy!

Our third fireteam member had never participated in the Crota’s End raid, so I took the time to explain the basic mechanics of the fight. We still failed
repeatedly because of me.

We tried and tried. I kept running out ascend grabbing the Chalice entirely too early. That’s what messed us up. It was almost midnight and we’ve all got work in the morning.

“One more try,” I said. I figured that I spooks do things differently this time and help them clear the initial room. We did that, ran outside to get started on Crota himself, and someone promptly died.

“That didn’t count.”

We did it again. This time, I helped clear the first room. We ran out, I killed the sword bearer, grabbed his sword and ran to the right side, telling them to take him down when I was ready.

Slam slam slam!

Crota went down on the second sword. It’s funny how things work out when you do them right. Now my clan wants me to run sword for hard mode Crota tonight. They’ve crazy, and I’ve told them that! 🙂

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  1. Hard mode Crota sword running adventure complete. We didn’t have another who could or would do it, so I did. It took several tries again, but I did it (like forgetting that I could drop the sword, melee Crota to go invisible, and not have to run away screaming). That was pretty fun. I guess I’ll have to do it again sometime.

    Oh, and the stingy bastard dropped Word of Crota. Awesome. It figures that I now finally have a primary weapon with each element. The Nightfall strike this week? No burns! O.o

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