I haven’t really finished writing any posts for here lately.  I’ll start one and then decide that I don’t want to post it.  Funny how that happens sometimes.

It’s something that I used to always do when I was writing.  I think half the time that was more related to writer’s block of some other thing that made me forget where I was going with that particular story.  Oh well. 

So, here’s something!

Destiny is going to be changing come September 15th.  The latest expansion, The Taken King drops that day and everything will evolve in a way.

Some say that Destiny will finally be the game that it was meant to be.  Some are griping about losing things that they worked hard for or earned.  Some are just happy to have something else to do.

What’s happening?

There will be one new subclass for each class.  Titans will be the solar based hammer.  Warlock get the arc based lightning super (Damn Sith!). Hunters get a void based bow attack.

The new level cap will be 40 and there will be no more light levels.  That should be interesting.  You gained experience through the first 20 levels and then boosted up to 34 using armor with up to 42 light.  Now it’ll all be experience based.  I have heard, however, that you’ll be the highest level that you’ve achieved by September 15th , so if you’re 34 now, you’ll be 34 then.

What else? They’re releasing a revamped RNG.  Bungie claims that it will take into account the gear you already have and reward you accordingly.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  RNG hates me.

Pete Dinklage is no longer the voice of our ghost.  Nolan North is doing all of the voice work for The Taken King add well as all of the previous lines I the game for the ghost.  Continuity does work well.

There’s a new raid in which you get to take on Oryx.  He’s mad that we killed his son, Crota.  His units are all hive, cabal, and fallen who have been taken and made stronger.  They have new abilities (defender like shields for vandals…  that they can shoot out of and heal while inside?  Ugh…).

There’s a new patrol area: the Dreadnaught.  It’s likely to be fairly large and they say it has player triggered public boss fights of some sort.

There’s a lot more really.  I’m excited about it.  I already pre-order it anyway, and I know that I’m going to play. 

3 Replies to “So…”

  1. It seems such a shame that they couldn’t have achieved all this about a year ago. Was such a disappointment when it was released that with all of the additional improvements could have been a game I’d still be playing in a diverse and receptive community.

    • I’ve only been playing since late December, but I have to say that my clan is what keeps me playing for the most part. They’re a good laid back group, and while we’re trying to get those Moments of Triumph done for everyone, it’s hard when we’re not all “elite.” Otherwise, I enjoy the mechanics for they most part, but the lack of story gets rather annoying. I’m looking forward to the improvements and will go from there!

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