Time to die.

Well, I’m going to make a good effort at it anyway.  It’s Tuesday which means it’s reset day in Destiny.  That man’s another trio of Nightfalls to run for gear that won’t be useful to me anymore (unless RNG feels bad for me and finally drops Gjallarhorn).

This week is the Archon Priest.  He’s pretty easy all things considered.  Modifiers?  Arc burn, solar burn, and small arms.  Oye.  This could sting a little. 

Now this shouldn’t be an issue anyway, but those burns can be troublesome.  Hobgoblins used a solar sniper rifle. One shot kill.  Vandal snipers use an arc sniper.  One shot kill.  Captains like to use shrapnel launchers.  Solar damage.  Oh, the Archon Priest himself uses solar also, not to mention the bloody cannons on the ship if we don’t kill him fast enough.

Still, this shouldn’t pose problems.  My normal fireteam for nightfalls is pretty good I think.  They have Gjallarhorns (I don’t) which won’t do as much damage as normal with small arms active, but they’ll still do considerable amounts of damage.  I’ll be running with Fang of Ir Yut (Arc), Shadow of Veils (Arc, bonus damage to Fallen) our Icebreaker (solar), and Dragon’s Breath (solar) or Hunger of Crota (solar).  Maybe Zombie Apocalypse (Arc).

I’ll update with drops later on.

Hunter: Pest Control Matrix (Yay? No)
Warlock: Etheric Light
Titan: Amplified Geo-D6 (ugh)

So, a pretty blah run this week. Oh well, Petra’s bounties tomorrow and then whatever comes. Maybe Vault of Glass hard as well as Crota hard. Skolas? I’ve got a friend who is missing that for his Moments of Triumph. He’s a day one player, too. That’s still one of my missions.

Oh, and my fears turned true. Bloody AP and his bloody shrapnel launcher. Ow. Also, Shanks. That combination is no fun.

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