Xur, you’re the best.


Some people think it’s a mistake for Xur to sell Gjallarhorn, even though he apparently sold it very early on (week 2).  Personally, I could care less if he sells Gjallarhorn or not.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ll always have enough strange coins to buy one.

Some people will say  “You didn’t earn your gally!  You Xurned it!”.  This is ridiculous.  You do realize it’s a game, right?

The forums over at Bungie will make for very amusing reading today with all of the so called “salty tears” flowing.  I’ve already noticed people standing around with buckets to collect them all. (Edit: I was right.)

I enjoy playing Destiny.  I took my brother-in-law into Crota normal last night with my Titan.  I wanted to get him a finish so that I could work on Hard mode with him.   Well, I couldn’t effectively run sword with my Titan, so I switched over to my hunter and we made fairly short work of Crota.  It also would have been nice to get a decent exotic from either the Deathsinger or Crota.  As normal, that did not happen.

769 hours.  That’s how long it took me to get my first Gjallarhorn.  And my second.  Oh, and my third, too.  That’s right.  I’m a filthy casual who Xurned his Gjallarhorns.  Now RNG will drop them like there’s no tomorrow.  And people won’t be left out of raids on LFG for not having one.  Awesome.

See? I bought three.

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