It’s good to help others.

There really isn’t a better feeling than helping people do things. It doesn’t matter what the task is.  It could be something truly mundane such as tying your kid’s shoes or something heroic such as helping an elderly lady to cross the street.  It could even be something as geektacular as helping guys make it through a hard mode raid in Destiny.

Can you guess what I’m going to talk about?

Well, my son has been tying his own shoes for years now, and I shy away from strangers.  You never know who might be an axe murderer.  You have to play it safe!  Some of those little old ladies are scary crazy…

Three guys that I recently started playing Destiny with had never completed a hard mode raid.  We got Hard Mode Crota done for one of them a few weeks ago.  We tried again a couple of weeks ago and I failed utterly at running sword that night.  Don’t judge me.  I’ve run sword like four times total.

We gave it another attempt for the other two guys Saturday night.

The Abyss:  We fought our way through.  There were wipes, of course. We’re far from uber.  Three of us made it to the bridge on our successful run.  Me (Warlock), a Hunter, and a Titan.  The Hunter was perched on a rock by the bridge.

The Titan was in a bubble on the rock by the lamp.  I was getting punchy with Thralls on the activation plate.  They overwhelmed me.  The Titan died somehow.  The Hunter?  He slipped off of his perched, but somehow managed to survive.  He ran across the bridge and brought us to the…  well, to the Bridge.

The Bridge:  One day I’d like to do this the proper way.  Instead, we cheesed it.  We got the Hunter across the regular way, then had everyone else take a flying leap.  I self-revived and our other Warlock did the same.  Proceed to sniping.

Shrieker Hallway (Thrallway?):  Annoying thing really.  Standard procedure.  Destroy the Shriekers, avoid Thralls, someone gets to the end before the door closes.  Success.

Deathsinger Ir Yut:  I learned something different this time.  You can lure the wizards out using solar grenades tossed at the crystal above your head before ever heading out.  Handy.

I somehow killed both Shriekers and was the last Guardian standing.  I’m not sure entirely how that worked, but it happened.  I cleaned up the mobs while everyone watched on.  That took a few extra minutes, but it was done.  Next up was Crota.

Crota:  You know the strategy.  We all clear out Thralls in the crystal area.  The Warlocks use their Supers to take out the Knights, then we all form up in the left room heading out.  At this point I want to say that our Hunter was the sword bearer.  It was his second time running sword.  It was his first time running sword on Hard.

Business as normal.  Wipe a good ten times due to mistakes or an over zealous Crota.  Stuff like this happens.

Then…  it all came together.  First sword was done.  We waited for Crota to move back to his spot.  Go!  We run back out and take our positions on the ledge (yes, we did that).  The Hive Swordbearer was swiftly dispatched using sniper rifles.  Our sword bearer jumped from his perch and picked up the sword.  I’ll just let you watch from his point of view.

The normal process of looking at what dropped for whom and then we were off to the tower.  We all equipped our new gear and our Glowhoo shaders and proceeded to dance.  It turned into an impromptu dance party.  Everyone at the tower joined in except two people.

Fun times.

It’s a good feeling to help people.  It’s a better feeling to help friends.

Edit: I will make those videos work late one I get home from work. Ugh.  Sorry!

Edit 2:  Ok, so I believe the only way to embed those videos in this post is to upgrade to a Premium plan?  I may end up doing that in the future if I continue to post stuff.

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