It’s not just my destiny

I promise that Destiny is not the only game that I play.  There are a few others that tend to take time from my day.  Destiny just gets the most time here since that’s usually what I feel like talking about since it has some polarizing subjects.  Or…  it’s just what I tend to talk about because I play it too much.  Take your pick.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering used to be a favorite, but that ended up being a hobby too expensive to continue really.  The price of a booster pack really isn’t that bad, but when you’re buying several packs per week it tends to start adding up. I have not bought anymore since sometime last year at this point.

My brother-in-law would come over, and we’d play for a couple of hours.  He came up with some pretty interesting deck ideas.  We would slug it out on the kitchen table, playing for booster packs.  Sadly, he tended to win more than I did.  Oh well.  High school was good to me for winning.

I had personal favorites that I tended to stick to.  My personal favorite was my Controlled Burn deck.  It was Blue/Red with counters and nukes, and it made games interesting.  Instants, sorceries, creatures with Haste.  It was built on controlling what you had on the table while burning you down at the same time.

The Mill deck was my very close second favorite.  Say goodbye to your Library.  No, really.  It’s not going to last long, and there is no life support.

Magic Duels: Origins

This is my foray back into the world of Magic except on the Xbox One.  The gameplay is the same, of course.  You can’t really change how the game itself works.  Now I don’t need a kitchen table, though, or someone to come over to my house to play.  Ah, the wonders of the internet.

Playing Magic this way is interesting.  You get to watch the damage being done to creatures or your opponent (in a sense).  Everything else is pretty much the same.  I usually put my cards down in a different way on an actual table, but the layout that the game uses is nearly identical.  That made it easier for me to pick up.

I haven’t gotten to the true deck building stage, however.  I’ve been playing with the intention of going through each campaign against the AI to being with.  Each one awards gold which can be used to purchase booster packs.  You also get skill quests which do the same thing.  Oh, and you also get 3 free booster packs for completing the first campaign.  Campaign one complete.

Next up is building a deck our of the starter cards and see what I can do against someone.


I enjoy this one, and I play everyday while I’m out walking my dog. It’s another CCG, but it’s based in the World of Warcraft world.

You pick an avatar and build your deck based on that choice. Of course, you have to unlock all of the avatars after the first, but that’s easy. You beat the other avatars in the solo game mode to unlock them.

You don’t have to purchase booster packs if you don’t want to spend any money on it. You get a quest every day (max of three). You are awarded gold once you complete one of those quests. Booster packs cost 100 gold.

You can also get a booster pack from winning your first Tavern Brawl match of the week. This mode is supremely fun. The rules change every week. Sometimes you’ll have to build a deck using those rules. Sometimes you’ll be given a deck to use for that Brawl.

Gameplay is relatively simple. It’s really a quickly picked up game.

Fallout Shelter

Ugh. I hate to say that I’m enjoying this game, too. It’s based in the Fallout universe, of course. Point of the game? Build up your vault. I’m not sure if there is an end to it or not.

Keeping track of resources and people has never been one of my strong suits. I’m doing okay at it, though. Making couples get together and have babies is… interesting. Struggles with electric can be a pain when molerats show up and start stealing it. Raiders are bastards. Ah, good times.

I still dabble with other games from time to time. I’m waiting for Season 4 to start in Diablo 3 so I can level another class to 70. Maybe I’ll get a Wizard up this time.

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