From one year to the next

On September 15th the Destiny community will (kind of) say goodbye to Year One and hello to Year Two.

This is a good thing.  Why?  It just is.  There are many reasons for this.

Any game that has a long term plan has to move forward.  Yes, it may very well be a pain to have to let go on certain Legendary/Exotic weapons and armor, but it will be better for the long term.  There will be other things to collect and more places to explore.  The Taken King is only the start of Year Two, so you can expect more content to be coming over the next twelve months.

I think Bungie made a mistake by adding Ascension via Etheric Light.  It made people expect to hold onto their favorites forever.  Given, the weapons brought in by House of Wolves were mostly “meh.”  I’ll admit that I do like several of the legendaries that I’ve gotten, but the perks on the House of Judgement weapons are definitely not up to par (ie Shank Burn).

But, that is okay.  They are learning from these things.  At least I hope they are learning.

I’ve heard it said that Destiny is a ten year project.  Ten years.  That’s a long time to keep a single FPS going.  Destiny is not an MMO, but it bears strong resemblances to that particular genre.  The Taken King is a step in that direction.

How?  Take a look at games like Everquest and World of Warcraft.  Those two have been around for a very long time in the gaming world.  The gear that you received from dungeons and raids in the Vanilla version have long since been obsolete.  No, that didn’t necessarily happen with the very next expansion, but they were quickly outclassed by newer gear.  It didn’t matter if you were able to do the new content at the beginning like the major raiding guilds.  That’s not the game developer’s fault.  MMOs are inherently games for groups of people to do things.

I feel like I’m all over the place.  We stayed up doing Prison of Elders 28 for one clanmate, and then 34 for my Titan and another clanmate.  The first was for a guy who finally finished the House of Wolves missions and needed to open access to the rest of the Prison difficulties.  The second was for someone who had finally received his first Elder Cipher from a 34 the night before.  Next up?  Skolas for the second guy.  He’s a day one player and has yet to have been able to successfully complete that painful experience.


Moving forward is a good thing.  Remaining in the past is bad.

Random thought.  I finally have a 365 ATK Gjallarhorn, and it’ll be “obsolete” in about 3 weeks.  Do I care?  No.  I spent long enough figuring out how to do content without one.  I imagine I’ll do just fine without one again.

I’ll see about summarizing what was revealed in this week’s broadcast later on.  I’m tired and I need to go to work.

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