It’s exotic, isn’t it?

Bungie decided to use Xur and Instagram in order to show done exotics coming in The Taken King.  Here they are.


“I have information, but I do not know yet if you are the one it is meant for… Titans: fly like the shadows with the Empyrean Bellicose. Aiming your weapons while in the air will hold you in place for a short time. Orbs collected when your Super is full will recharge your melee ability.” Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Okay, the ability to aim while airborne can be handy, in addition to the whole Death from Above thing.  But…  I’m not so sure about using up orbs while your Super is still full.  More melee is nice, though.  I guess that we’ll have to use it and see.  It certainly looks good, that’s for sure.


“The Chaperone Exotic shotgun fires a single slug shot and grants an Agility boost when equipped. Your precision kills will grant a brief increase to Handling, Range, Rate of Fire, and Stability.”  Xûr, Agent of the Nine

I think this will be one to use in order to really get an idea of how well it’ll work during play.  That brief increase top stats, however, could make this thing a beast.  It has an older style to it.  It looks good.


“Warlocks: reshape the world and turn iron to gold with the Alchemist’s Raiment. Collecting Primary Ammo will give you a chance to gain glimmer. Orbs collected when your Super is full recharge your grenades and melee.”  Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Okay.  Still not a fan of collecting orbs with a full Super, but this could make Sunsingers much more deadly with their grenades.  Chance top gain glimmer on primary ammo pickup?  It could be useful, I suppose, if you’re broke.


“An end will come, Guardian. Bring it about sooner with Telesto, a vestige of the Queen’s Harbringers. This Fusion Rifle will attach projectiles to your foes and detonate with a delayed Void blast. Multikills with this weapon will drop Orbs for your allies.”  Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Color me interested.  Orb creation with a weapon could be decent.  Attaching projectiles that detonate later? Could be interesting I say.  Personally I think this gun is beautiful.


“Hunters: these Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are filled with Nightmare Fuel. They will provide you with an additional melee charge and your melee damage will have a chance to reload your Primary Weapon.”  Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Additional melee charge for hunters?  Yes, please.  Chance to reload your primary weapon?  Ehhh… Situational.


“I can not endure this place any longer… Before I depart, a final offer for you.
Sleeper Simulant: a Fusion Rifle equipped in your Heavy Weapon slot. This weapon’s laser tears through enemies and ricochets on hard surfaces.”  Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Where do I start?  It’s a fusion rifle that is equipped in the heavy slot.  It’s going to hit hard and ricochet off of surfaces multiple times as you unlock new perks.  Well it compete with other, older heavy exotics (Gjallarhorn)?  I’m thinking no, actually, but time will tell.  As I understand it you’ll have to collect lots of pieces in The Dreadnaught in order to obtain this.  That should be interesting in and of itself.

Gjallarhorn is being left behind in Year One as it stands, so something will end up taking it’s place add most people’s go to weapon. What will it be?  Will Bungie reveal more?

I’ll try to add pictures later.

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