People are crazy.

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a pretty average day.  Walked the dog, ate some cereal, got my son in the car to take him to school.  You know. Standard stuff.

My boss calls me and tells me that twenty or so police cars just drove past our place of business.  She was wondering if I knew what was going on.  I had boo idea, of course.  Our internet at home was down for a bit, and my news sources were quiet.  Eleven Facebook was void of any mentions of our area.

I dropped my son off and head towards work.  I’m refreshing one of the news sites when I finally see something.

“Police investigating incident at Bridgewater Plaza.”

Well, crap.  Something is going on.  That is all of three miles down the road from work.  I messaged my wife and told her that.  We still didn’t know what was going on.

I was passed by three additional police cars on my way. 

My wife called me after I got to work.  She heard from a law enforcement agent that there was an active shooter in my area.  Really?  That doesn’t happen here.  They were still looking for him.

The day progresses.  Reports are that three people are injured, but they won’t say who our how bad.  Standard procedure.

A local news station was doing a Live interview of a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  The shooter, a disgruntled former employee of the news, shot the reporter, the cameraman, and the person they were interviewing.  The reporter and the cameraman died at the scene.  The third person is now in stable condition after coming through surgery.

This guy planned this out.  He knew they were going to be there.  He knew there weren’t going to be many people there.  He even knew at some point that he would be recording it while it happened and then upload it to social media. 

He’s dead, now.  He shot himself after running after the road following an attempted escape from police on the interstate.  Well, he survived for a little while.  He actually died later on in the hospital.

The part about all of this that really annoys me?  The fact that people have been sharing that video on social media. 

Have a little thought for the victims here.  Remember them for who they are, not what happened to them.  I know one of the victims, the one who survived, and she is a very nice lady.  She’s been a customer of mine ever since we opened this business.  The reporter (24 years old) just recently moved in with her boyfriend.  The cameraman (27 years old) was engaged. 

There are news vehicles from everywhere here now.  It’s even International.  My boss got a call from her son in South Korea asking if we were patio.  It’s amazing how fast news can spread.

I can’t wait until I get home to my wife and son, and hug them tight and tell them that I love them.

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