Destiny is new again.


King of.

So they released 2.0.0 on Tuesday. It’s been an interesting week so far. What’s been interesting? Not much to be honest.

Gjallarhorn had it’s wolfpack rounds nerfed. I didn’t notice that much of a difference running the nightfall (solar burn). It still hits hard and melts things.

Crucible has new maps and a new game mode. I’ve only seen two maps so far and one those was from House of Wolves. The other was a PlayStation exclusive map I believe. It was on the moon.

I haven’t seen the new game mode yet (Rift), but I admit that I’ve never been a big fan of capture the flag modes. I’ll check it out at some point this weekend maybe if I have time between trying to finally get Vault of Glass hard done. Among other things.

The test weapons available on the Gunsmith make things interesting out in the field. You grab a gun from him and then go kill stuff with it on patrol or in the Crucible. If you managed to get the Nightfall reputation bonus and worked with all six weapons, then you could hit rank 1 this week with his reputation. This will allow you to buy one legendary weapon from him next week. Here’s top hoping it’s decent and doesn’t require level 40!

What else?

No Wolves to take down. This saddens me a little, but I suppose that’s because I’ve gotten so used to wiping them out anytime they showed up. They weren’t really a challenge anymore, but I’ll miss them a little. Okay, maybe not.

NewInventory  Vault

Inventory and vault space. We have more. Lots more. The picture above shows the extra space in poor ordinal inventory for expendables and miscellaneous items. That’s handy. Our vaults have been increased by a large amount, also. There are now 72 slots for weapons, 72 slots for armor, and something like 46 slots for miscellaneous items.

Plus! Collections. You no longer have to hold into a shader or emblem once you get it. It’s stored on the respective collection kiosk for you to retrieve any time that you’ve back at the Tower. The and applies to ships and sparrows.

There are also collection kiosk for exotic weapons and armor. Once you get an exotic weapon, then you no longer have to hope for two more RNG drops to have one for each character. Just go to the kiosk that you need and buy one. Simple as that. You can also get the year two versions as long as you’ve had the year one version.

QuestLog QuestDetails

Quests and bounties have changed. You have a new screen to the left of your character screen that holds your quests and bounties. Quests are quests, of course, but now you have a different place to view them as well as song what your previous and current steps are.

Bounties have been simplified. They are easier, bit at the same time they don’t grant as much experience. You can also turn them in from the bounty screen.

You no longer have to wear a faction’s class own to gain reputation for them. You pledge allegiance to whatever faction you intend on ranking up and then you’ll start gaining reputation for them and Vanguard or Crucible. It makes some choices so much harder. Does this shader look good on this cloak?


Oh, hey, shaders work on some exotic armors now! ADD much? Yes. Sometimes.  Here you can see (kind of) that the shader is working on this particular exotic helmet (Light Beyond Nemesis) as well as the updated character screen with the Ghost shell slot and the locked Artifat slot.  You’ll also notice that my level is 34 and my light level is now much higher.  Light level is now an average of the Attack and Defense of all of your equipped weapons and armor.  At this point I’m wearing a class item that is only 140 defense.  Everything is 170.  Average that out and you get 166.66666 (oh, just round up like they did).

For reference:  Mobs in the level 32 Prison of Elders activity have a recommended light level of 160.

There’s more I’m sure, but I think that’s enough for now. The real content opens next week, so I’ll be sure to talk about some of that then.

In the mean time, keep dancing, Guardians! Just don’t do that collector’s edition Warlock dance. You look ridiculous.

Edit:  Pictures.

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