Taken by Destiny

I’ve neglected to write anything here for awhile.  Honestly, I’ve been busy with anything and everything.  That’s just an excuse, though.

Work and life just get in the way of things.  I’m sure that most people understand that.  It’s completely normal. 

You could call this a rant and rave post if you want, but it’s all going to be about Destiny. 

I’m having fun with Destiny.  I said awhile ago that it was new again, and that is the honest truth.  Sure there are some things that are the same (the GRIND), but those are things that will never change.  Games like this will always have the GRIND.  Always.

Let’s start out by taking about Exotics.  Bungie said initially that there were going to be a lot of new exotics to obtain.  If we count exotics from year one coming to year two then that may be true.  What am I talking about?  It is true.  We just haven’t find all of them yet.

Many of the exotics are locked behind quests our server areas of missions.  You can get a sniper rifle that is very similar to the old Black Hammer (post nerf) if you can clear an extra area of Taken enemies in 10 minutes that you can only find in a certain mission when it’s the heroic daily.  Touch of Malice (scout rifle) is unlocked by competing several quests, gathering 45 Calcified Fragments, and by competing the King’s Fall raid. 

There are also class specific exotic weapons.  These require to reach rank 3 with Banshee (the gunsmith) and to compete a pretty simple quest.  Warlocks get Tlaloc (scout rifle).  Titans get Fabian Strategy (auto rifle).  Hunters get Ace of Spades (truly an awesome hand cannon; I’m a Hunter.)

Yesterday the quest to obtain the Sleeper Simulant was unlocked somehow.  The quest is fairly simple through the first parts.  I’m at work so I haven’t completed the strike portion yet.  That will get done tonight.  I’m not sure what the prerequisites are to unlock the First Firewall mission.  I had it already possibly due to having turned in the 4 Dvalin fusion rifle relics to Banshee.

Personally I love having to compete quests to obtain the exotics.  It was an absolute rush finishing off the strike portion (light 300!) of the exotic sword quest line.  Also…  I love my Bolt-Caster.

There is another way to obtain exotics that can be decrypted from engrams.  The Three of Coins.  These increase the chances of an Ultra type mob doing an exotic engram upon death.  They stack, but not in the traditional sense.  You use one and get a buff.  That buff disappears once you kill an Ultra.  If you got an exotic engram then the buff resets. If you did not get one, then the chance increases with your next use of a Three of Coins.

This item ended up being abused, naturally.  This resulted in a nerf.  The nerf did not affect the drop rate of the Three of Coins if you were using it as intended.  The drop rate was nerfed d in such a way that the rate would be lower if you repeatedly farmed a certain Ultra by killing it and yourself at the same time repeatedly. 

This nerf made people mad.  Why?  Because they couldn’t get every exotic in the first two weeks of The Taken King’s release.  This is my opinion, but there is truth to the idea that there are many gamers who feel entitled to something.  A new outrage appeared yesterday with the appearance of the Sleeper Simulant quest.  There are those that feel that Bungie should have told everyone that the quest was time-gated.  Those people don’t realize that the quest could have been trigger by the community doing something in particular.

I can’t really say anything bad about Destiny at this point in time.  It does still need some sort of in-game LFG however.  That would be my biggest complaint.  Okay.  That and people leaving strikes and not getting a replacement while running one of the strike playlists.

The Taken King has been thoroughly enjoyable.  I’m more of a casual gamer (hardcore leaning), so I haven’t even finished all of the quests.  I can’t even speak on the raid at the moment seeing as though I haven’t even set foot inside yet.  My Hunter is sitting at 298 light (Max 310).  One day I’ll work on my Warlock and Titan.

If you get a chance you should jump into the Court of Oryx.  It’s on the Dreadnaught and it’s loads of fun!

I suppose there wasn’t as much rant or rave in this as I though there might be.  That’s not such a bad thing.

In the meantime…

“Approach the portal, Guardian.”

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