A dead period.

There often comes a time when I’m just flat out bored with the games that I’ve been playing.  Sometimes it becomes so bad that I revert to games that I used to play that haven’t been touched in a long Friggin time.  Welcome to that period.

I still enjoy Destiny, but only in smaller doses, and I’ll still play it when there’s an event of some sort happening (Iron Banner, etc).  Or will I?  That’s hard to say really.  Most of my friends have started playing other games by now.

I tried Fallout 4.  I got bored.  It’s amazing how a game by Bethesda can bore me. I used to love them.  Morrowind anyone?  At some point, however, they started to get tedious.  I stopped enjoying that type of open world adventure.  That’s crazy talk, I know.  I told my wife that I felt like I needed a game that have more instant gratification.  Weirdo.

Right now…  I can’t believe that in playing Star Wars The Old Republic again.  What am I thinking?  Okay, my son loves Star Wars.  I like Star Wars.  Watching the movie planted that itch.  My son needed a light saber.   One thing leads to another. See?

Season 5 for Diablo 3 starts on Friday, January 15th.  I will likely go back to that again.  For giggles.  And loot. Lots of loot.  Useless loot, but loot nonetheless.

After that?  March 8th sounds like a good day.  I broke down and paid for Amazon Prime the day after Christmas and ordered a Fire HD 8 (Love it).  I saw an interesting tweet last night concerning Prime.  What’s this?  A new perk?  Okay, I’m game.  20% off of preorders and new releases less than two weeks old.  Decision made.  The Division Gold edition preordered.  Woot.

Hopefully The Division will meet and/or exceed every one of my expectations or at least get damn close to them.  That would make me happy.

Also, random thought.  Sometimes humans make me sick.  And sometimes it’s my own head that does that.

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