I’ve been lazy this weekend.

So it snowed a decent amount this weekend, and I’ve been lazy.  It’s not often that I get a long weekend from work.  Generally I only have a day and a half to get anything done that needs to get done, and part of that time is usually spent watching my Virginia Cavaliers play basketball (weekend requirement if there’s a game on).

This weekend?

Hell no.  The snow started falling before sunrise Friday morning.  I shoveled the driveway twice on Friday.  The snow ended late in the afternoon on Saturday.  The total accumulation was between 12 and 14 inches I would say.  The wind picked up and blew a lot of the top layer around, so it’s really hard to say exactly.  I know I had a drift next to the house that was at least 18 inches deep.  That was cleared away a little this morning.  The central air unit needed a little room to breathe.

The rest of the time was spent sitting at my computer desk playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls while my wife did the same at her desk behind me.  Just like old times.  We haven’t spent that much time playing the same game at the same time in a long while.  Thanks Destiny.  You suck for making me not do things like this.

Season 5 started whatever amount of time ago.  I managed to finish Chapter 4 and the Slayer chapter this weekend.  The Champion chapter looks like it’ll take a lot more time and work.  My little Wizard hit Paragon level 198 last night.  What?  Yeah, I know.  It’s crazy.  I’ve been running through Torment 4 difficulty like it’s nothing and the experience and gold has just been flowing like… well, like the snow this past weekend.

My wife had been watching play earlier in the week and decided that she had wanted to play again.  It had been a long time since she had, but she still had it installed.  9 gigabytes downloaded overnight earlier this week and she was ready to rock and roll.  She made a wizard.  I bought her the Reaper of Souls expansion early Saturday, and she’s been rolling through adventure mode ever since.  Sleep gets in the way of such things, however.  As does food.  But those are different stories, of course.

I joined her in one game.  No real reason.  Then I asked her if she wanted to tag along with me in a higher difficulty to gain some experience.  She started around level 50.  Now she’s level 70 with a paragon level around 30.  Oh, and she’s nearly done with Chapter 4 of the Season Journey.  Awesome.  She’s going to love running around in the Wizard set that you get for completing certain objectives.

Great idea Blizzard!

See what I did there?  Hah hah.  Ok.  It wasn’t that funny.

So yeah, I was lazy this weekend.  Next weekend will be difficult for me to avoid being lazy, also.  The Division Beta starts on the 28th for us Xbox One junkies.  It’s just a weekend thing, and work will obviously get in the way for a good portion of that time frame, but I’ll still enjoy my time there.  I know this.

Can’t Freakin’ Wait


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