Just some clips from my Xbox.

Fun times have been had throughout my gaming life.  Sometimes I remember to actually get a clip recorded.  “Hey Cortana!  Record that!”  This is my favorite phrase right now.  I just need to… uh…  remember to use it.  Most of these clips are old to be honest.  This is also just me testing adding video to one of these things.  Would you believe that I never even tried linking to my YouTube account?  Haha.  Jokes on me, isn’t it?


Thanks to the guy that completed the denial of heavy there at the end.


Sometimes even I get lucky.


Okay, it happens more than once.  Look, the Warlock can fly!


Great ending right here.


I love this sequence!


Stupid bad guys?  Were we being super stealthy?  I’ll go with the former.


I really should actually think about posting more stuff here.  I do indeed think about it from time to time, but then I go… ah, hell, why?  I’ve thought about posting some of my writing even though I generally think it’s horrible.  My wife thinks otherwise, but I keep telling her that she’s biased.  True story.

Destiny has an expansion coming out if you haven’t heard.  Rise of Iron.  This right here looks like it might be fun.  I’m pre-ordered and ready to go.  I’ll post some stuff about that soon, but I will say that there are some interesting tidbits that have been released so far concerning it.  I’ll just say Gjallerhorn.  It wasn’t my favorite gun, but my clanmates sure did love it.

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