The calm before the Rise

Destiny is getting a bit of maintenance today.  Luckily, I’m at work, so I don’t have to worry about finding something else to do.  Hah!  It’s not like there isn’t plenty to do, but sometimes I just want to be lazy, okay?  I’m glad that you understand.

So, what’s happening today with Destiny?  I only know that they’re taking the current Clan system (hahahahahaha) out.  This is in preparation for the new Clan roster coming in Rise of Iron.  I think that’s what they said anyway.

They’re also removing the ability to get two of the three free Sterling Treasures that are able to get each week.  There will no longer be one that you get from the Postmaster or the one that you receive from playing the weekly crucible activity.  You can still obtain one by doing the level 41 Prison of Elders.

Rise of Iron

September 20th.  That’s the day that the newest DLC for Destiny launches.

What does it add?  Earth is getting an addon.  The Plaguelands.  Snow.  Lots of snow.  Oh, and some red colored SIVA virus thing.  Okay, I’m not real clear on that, but I’ll get around to becoming clearer on it eventually.  Probably sometime after the 20th.

  • New weapons.
  • New armor.
  • New Social space.
  • New area for Saladain to hang out in.
  • Revamp of Iron Banner.
  • Shaders will affect class items
  • Ornaments for Exotic weapons (think weapon skins)
  • Old gen consoles are no longer supported
  • New Court of Oryx style event in the Plaguelands
  • Dormant SIVA clusters to find and collect.  No idea on reward.
  • New Exotic weapons and I assume armor
  • Different strike playlists.  One is called “The Taken War”
  • One new strike.  Two remade strikes (Sepiks Prime and Phogoth are coming back!)
  • In-game Clan roster.
  • Increased vault space sometime after launch.  No date specified.
  • I’ll mention these…  Gjallarhorn and Thorn are coming back.

I’m sure there might be a few things that I missed.  This is just off the top of my head.

Something new!


Weekly reset information.  I think I’m going to try to start listing this information as I get it on Tuesdays.  This is, honestly, more for my clan that anything else.  I’ve always tried to keep them in the loop on that.  Hopefully they don’t mind reading a little extra stuff that I’ll include.


September 7th, 2016



The strike itself is Cerberus Vae III where you get to go kill Little Head…  errr…  Valus Ta’aurc.  I can’t think of any real dangers here involving Void burn.  I’m sure someone uses it.  Especially if you run into Taken.  However, set yourself up with a Chest armor piece that reduces the amount of Void burn damage that you take.  It really does help.

Subclass:  Hunters use Nightstalker.  Titans use whatever you want.  Warlocks use Voidwalker.

Weapons:  Use whatever Primary that you’re most comfortable with.  For secondary, use either Telesto or any other decent void damage fusion or sniper rifle.  Definitely a sniper rifle for Little Head himself.  Heavy:  If you’re not using Telesto, then use Truth here.  Otherwise, pick your favorite void damage Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher.  I prefer the machine gun.

Airborne can be your friend here.  Take advantage of it.  Rockets, supers, shotguns…  Just make sure that you’re in the air when the damage is applied.  Titans, if you want to go defender, then bloody punch everything.  Grab your No Backup Plans, your trusty void shotgun, and go to town on anything in range.


Strikes are random, as always.  This could be painful depending on where you end up.

Subclass:  Hunters us Gunslinger.  Titans use Sunbreaker.  Warlocks use Sunsinger.

Weapons:  Use your primary of choice.  You really can’t wrong with several here.  Black Spindle or any other solar sniper rifle would work well.  Invective or Lord of Wolves might be okay, as well, depending on the enemies that you’re facing.  As for Heavy, you could possibly have a whole lot of fun with Dragon’s Breath or Super Good Advice.  Otherwise, use your favorite solar Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher.

Chaff can be a bit of pain with no radar.  It’s easy to lose track of your fireteam members when you don’t have your radar handy.  As for catapult…  screw grenade-sniping dregs.  At least their grenades are Arc.


Boss order:  Overmind Minotaur (Vex), Sylok, the Defiled (Hive), Noru’usk (Cabal)

Subclass:  It’s super kills.  Sooooo…  Hunters use Nightstalker and help everyone get their supers up and ready to use.  Warlocks…  Use your best judgment concerning what super you can get the most kills with.  Do the grenades in Sunsinger count?  Titans, have fun throwing hammers at everything that moves.

Weapons:  These don’t really matter so much since you’re trying to kill everything with your Super.  Equip what you’re comfortable with.  However, I am going to say this.  Use a sidearm or a low impact scout rifle.  Shoot everything once.

Exposure can be handy  can suck, also.  Specialist?  Not very useful unless you’re just trying to burn down the bosses as quickly as possible.


Court of Oryx:  Thalnok (mini-Crota)

King’s Raid Challenge:  Oryx (detonate 16 orbs at one time)


That’s it for now.  I’ll be adding another post shortly containing updates from Bungie concerning today’s patch.

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