Sneaky, sneaky Bungie

There are always things in patches for games that are not announced.  I hope I can gather enough of them here.  It’s a short list, really, seeing as though I’ve left a bunch out that I didn’t think were really all that important.

  • New Exotic Sidearm decrypting from engrams, The Trespasser.
  • The Trespasser does not seem to require an exotic shard for infusion. (Source)
  • Some exotic engrams in particular slots (boots) are decrypting higher than 335 light.
  • Completed Iron Banner bounties have been removed.
  • Ornaments can be previewed on Exotics that have that capability. (Monte Carlo, Hawkmoon, MIDA Multi-Toil, others)
  • Crucible ships dropping from The Meaning of War bounty and Shaxx rank up packages.
  • There are apparently two Nightfall strikes currently.  S.A.B.E.R. and Little Head.
  • S.A.B.E.R. has SIVA decorations now.
  • Phogoth is now known as Hive Abomination.
  • Gunsmith now sells armor materials.
  • PS exclusives removed from Xbox exotic kiosk.
  • 4 New shaders added to the shader kiosk.
  • Earth in the doctor now shows The Plaguelands and Felwinter’s Peak.
  • Stat changes.  You’ll have lower Int/Disc/Str until you get higher light gear.

Also, a bullet point without the bullet.  Due to yesterday being major maintenance, some things may have changed reset-wise.  I’ve seen reports of new test weapons at the gunsmith and also new Armsday weapons and rolls.

I’m sure there is more, but that’s mostly it for now.  I’ll get some screenshots later on.  Can’t quite get that done while I’m at work.

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