The Final Reset (9-13-2016)

One week now.  That’s all that’s left.  One week until The Rise of Iron launches.  What does that mean?  This is the final reset for The Taken King.  That also means that this is the last week that you can complete your Moments of Triumph.

Now, the kind of exciting part about this reset.  Bungie did it.  They actually did it.

Someone suggested on Reddit a couple of weeks ago that Bungie should activate all three of the challenge modes for the King’s Fall raid during the last week of Year 2.  Well.  It happened.  I’m surprised.  My clan doesn’t personally need them (I think we’ve all got them now), but hey, this is amazing for people who are still trying to catch up.

Before I get into anything else, on with the reset info!


This week’s Nightfall is Dust Palace.  So, we have the Psion Flayers who don’t work with Three of Coins.  Then we just have annoying Psions.  And Trickle.

I don’t have any suggestions but this.  Avoid the Nightfall this week.  It’s the Black Plague.  Leave it untouched.  You’ll be happier.  If you do want to try it, however…

Subclass:  Pick something Void.  Nightstalker, Voidwalker, and Defender.  You might want the safety of that bubble at some point.

Primary Weapon:  Your choice here.

Special Weapon:  It’s void burn.  Telesto.  Just don’t jump around.  Okay?

Heavy Weapon: Dark Drinker would work pretty well here if you don’t mind getting up close and personal.  Truth for distance.  Otherwise, grab your trusty Void machine gun or Rocket Launcher that you love and get to work.


Is this necessary?  Okay, fine.  Have it your way.

Subclass:  Do I need to mention it?  Gunslinger, Sunsinger, Sunbreaker.  Burn things.  BURN THEM!

Primary Weapon:  Any high impact weapon that you are comfortable with.

Secondary Weapon:  Any soloar damage weapon that works for the situation that you’re in.

Heavy Weapon:  It’s Solar Burn.  Raze Lighter.


That’s right.  It’s all three challenges.  If you’re not familiar with them, then this is the way to complete them.

Warpriest:  No one holds the Aura more than once.  Pay attention to who gets the Aura.  Make sure that no one gets it twice and you’re golden.

Golgoroth:  Everyone has to hold the gaze once per damage phase.  It’s actually not bad.  Be sure to get your rotation set up before you get started.  First gaze holder holds the gaze for almost the full duration. Second person grabs it with a few seconds to spare.  Third, fourth, fifth, and six persons get the gaze as soon as they’re comfortable getting it.  Rinse and repeat until Golgoroth is dead.

Oryx:  4 phases.  Detonate 16 orbs at one time to one-shot Oryx.  If you’re on hard mode, then don’t forget to kill your Lighteater Knights.



Oops.  I forgot to get the icons for this week for Challenge of Elders.  Blah.  The other modifiers are Juggler and Grenade Kill Bonus.

It’s not a bad idea to run CoE this week to be honest.  It won’t be hard to get 30k and 90k points, possibly even in one run.  Just equip yourself appropriately and go blow things up.  Have fun!

(Edit:  Added Subclass suggestions.)


Voidwalker.  Scatter grenades with Nothing Manacles.  Use Life Steal, The Hunter, and Embrace the Void perks.  Have fun killing things with grenades.

Nightstalker.  Your job is getting assists.  Mostly.  Tether with Light of the Pack and Bloodbound.  Let someone else use their grenade to kill the tethered mobs. Voidwall out Vortex grenades for your own use.

Sunbreaker:  Thermite grenades Anna use the Simmering Flames perk.  Now go kill things.

If you’re shooting anything other than the boss, then you’re doing it wrong.  The only person using their super is the Nightstalker.  

Court of Oryx

Guess what?  Like the Challenge modes in King’s Fall, the Court of Oryx has all three Tier 3 bosses available this week.  They are on a rotation, so if you need the Calcified Fragment from Thalnok, Balwur, or Kagoor, just jump off the side and don’t revive to cancel the event if you don’t get the one that you need.


Good luck out there Guardians!  I’m sure that I missed something.

One week until Rise of Iron.  It’s almost time to do story missions again.

Oh, and get your bounties completed and stocked up by Monday night.  Edge whatever factions that you have left if you’re doing that .  I kind of gave up that, but hey.  Max out your glimmer and Legendary Marks also!

Better yet.  Have fun!

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