It’s our Destiny?

It kind of is.  I mean, you play something with your friends for going on two full years and you can consider ownership, right?  Okay, that’s not entirely true, but hey…  why not?

Destiny is getting a new DLC this coming Tuesday.  More stuff for us to get into.  More things to blow up.  More things to find.  You know.  Stuff like that.

So, what’s going to be new?  Well, I did mention some of the stuff coming in a previous post, but I decided that maybe I should talk about some of the other stuff that’s coming.  Little things.  Big things.  Significant things and not so significant.

First off I’ll say what’s not coming right now.  Vault space.  And this is annoying to me at the moment simply because I HAVE NO SPACE IN MY VAULT!  Yes.  Sorry for that.  I have so many legendary weapons and armor and engrams as well as exotic engrams taking up space in my vault and postmaster that I almost don’t even want to play right now.  But…  I will.  Bungie has said that they are working on that, but it won’t be here on Tuesday.  That’s okay.  My vault won’t be full after Tuesday.

I’m guilty of hoarding engrams and other things in preparation for Rise of Iron.  Sue me.  No, don’t do that.  I’ve edged some of my factions.  My Legendary Marks and Glimmer are maxed.  I’m ready to do this!

On to other things…

I’ll make a list.  I like lists.  Especially bulleted ones.

  • New Gear
  • One new strike and two reimagined strikes (Phogoth and Sepiks Prime)
  • New Raid
  • Max Light level of 385, going to be 400 when the Hard Mode Raid is released
  • Cinematic Story Campaign (I can’t wait!)
  • New Patrol area (The Plaguelands)
  • New activity area within The Plaguelands called Archon’s Forge (Similar to Court of Oryx, except it’s a 5 minute survival type thing)
  • New Social space, Felwinter’s Peak, that we have to remove the enemy presence from first
  • 8 New Artifacts that do very interesting things.  One example,, Memory of Radegast, adds an ability to swords that lets you deflect energy-based projectiles
  • New Enemies (old enemies remade….  kind of) – Devil Splicers.  Fallen using SIVA to keel us.
  • Ornaments for Exotic weapons and some Legendary Armor.  These… are cool.
  • New Crucible Game mode – Supremacy.  Kill someone.  They drop a crest.  Pick it up for points and keep your enemies from picking them up.
  • New Crucible map
  • New Crucible mode – Private Matches.  Pick your game mode, your map, time limit, and then go have fun!  There is also one new dead ghost on each map.
  • The Iron Gjallarghorn and the Gjallarwing Sparrow are pre-order bonuses.  Gjallarghorn itself is coming back and  you have to do a quest to get it.
  • Thorn is coming back.  Run for the hills! (Ugh)
  • Festival of the Lost will be back with new masks and gear.
  • Sparrow Racing League will be back with changes.  Other options for people who don’t want to race.
  • Armor shaders will now affect your Class items!  Go look frabjous Hunters!
  • New Record book for Rise of Iron.  Individual steps will grant rewards.
  • Better Visuals with Bungie dropping support for Xbox 360 and PS3.  Snow!  Lava!
  • Wolves.  But, you can’t pet them.  Sad.

I’m sure there is more that I missed.  This covers a good deal of all of that.  There were also a bunch of changes that went into the game last Tuesday.  Some of those changes won’t take affect until Rise of Iron launches, but you can find most of them here.

So, I’m done for now.  There isn’t really a whole lot here.  I mainly wanted to list out some of the new things coming to Destiny for a friend of mine who is thinking of coming back.  Yeah, you.  You know who you are.

I’ll try to do a write up later on after launch about how things are working out.

Good luck, Guardians!  And you other people, too.

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