Moment of Triumph

So last year I didn’t finish my Moments of Triumph.  I had everything done except for one thing:  Hard Mode Atheon kill.  You would think that we would have gotten that at some point, but we just never got around to it.  Everyone else in my clan had already done that, and by the time I got around to it, it just wasn’t as important.

I was more interested, to be honest, in getting the Moments of Triumph done for my friends and clan mates.  Killing Skolas was more important for one guy (Doc), personally.  I wanted him to finish his Moments.  We went and did that one night.  It was tough, but it was done.  Hours.  I hate Skolas…  really, I do.  Only ever killed twice.  Once for myself and two other clan mates.  Once for Doc and a random other person who had been helping him before I logged in.  They had spent hours in it by the time I got there.  We still spent another hour at least killing Skolas.

Maybe that’s what drives me in Destiny.  Helping others.  My friends know that I’m always ready to help them out with whatever they may need.  I hardly ever ask for help myself.  I figure that I’ll get things done eventually.  I’ll never change when it comes to that.

The past couple of nights I’ve been more interested in helping others out with their Crucible portions of the Year 2 Moments of Triumph.  Mission accomplished, mostly.  I just left the fireteam that I was in helping someone with the final step of The Mountaintop so I could to bed, but instead I’m sitting here typing this out.  I am going to be… in just a moment.

I’ve only been missing one thing for my Year 2 Moments of Triumph to be complete.  Mountaintop?  Done.  Calcified fragments?  Done.  Exotic sword?  Done.  What was I missing?  You guessed it…  Hard Mode Oryx kill.  I was joking about it last night that it was going to be a tradition to run the Hard Mode raid the night before the Moments were supposed to be closed.  Lightfoot, a friend of a friend, had an Oryx checkpoint and I almost reluctantly grabbed it.

So there we are, tonight, getting ready to take that Hard Mode Oryx checkpoint on.  I can honestly say that my hands were shaking.  That’s kind of weird considering it’s a video game, but they were at the start.  Lightfoot got 4 others from her crew of regular raiders and took my in.

I did my normal job, the one that I do for my clan; running relic.  I’m more comfortable doing that than anything else at this point.  That is funny to me, because I used to hate doing that in Vault and Crota.  I still don’t like running relic in Vault, but that’s a different beast.  Running sword in Crota isn’t so bad.  I get it right most of the time.  Running relic for Oryx?  Pie.

First attempt…  one guy dies, I don’t remember who.  It doesn’t matter.  We go ahead and wipe.  Might as well since it’s right near the beginning.  Less stress that way to be honest.

Second attempt…  the first death happens after getting teleported out of Oryx’s funky mini-dimension.  The Warlock gets teleported into a random pillar in the front.  Got to love Warlocks.  Self-resurrection.  Isn’t it grand?  We continue on.

Sixteen bombs ready to detonate.  It’s going so smoothly.  I’m in awe of how these guys run this.  It’s perfect.  Oh, my hands stopped shaking after the second running of the platforms during the second attempt.  That was a big help.  Bombs detonate.  Lightfoot dies, but that’s okay, because we’re done, essentially.

So, Oryx is dead on Hard Mode and my Moments of Triump for Year 2 are complete.

Thank you so much for the help, Lightfoot.  You and your crew did the heavy lifting.  I had the easy job.  And thank you Doc for not letting my just let it go.  Might as well get it done, right?

Now, it’s time for bed.  Work in the morning and all that, and then, once I get home, some new missions to complete and new gear to use.  I’m ready for Rise of Iron, so let’s get going!

Eyes up Guardians!  Or, in my case, eyes closed!


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