10-04-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!  It’s time again for Destiny’s weekly reset to give us more stuff to do that is actually a repeat of last week’s activities with different twists!

Okay, okay, this is a horrible thing.  I just wanted to start this out a little differently.

This week’s reset gets an added bonus of Iron Banner kicking off later today for the first time during Rise of Iron.  The game mode will be Supremacy and We’re going to be gaining reputation a little differently this time around.  More on that later.  RESET!

Alrighty then!  There are new modifiers.  There are new bounties.  There are new artifacts to be had.  Let’s see what we’re got here!

Cryptarch Tyra over on Felwinter’s Peak has her quest back again, which, when completed, allows you to purchase one of the following three artifacts.

I am personally going to get Memory of Gheleon.  I just love having radar up for anything while using my Scout Rifles.  Memory of Radegast sounds interesting as, well, though, so I’ll likely grab that one with my Warlock later on this week.


Location:  Sepik’s Perfected

Subclass:  Honestly, I think you could go with just about anything here.  Match Game is going to be annoying unless you and your fireteam use a loadout that has all 3 elemental damage types.  You could use Catapult to your advantage, however, so use the appropriate grenade types that you’re good with and blow things up!


  • Primary – Zhalo Supercell.  Honestly, I can’t remember if there are arc shielded enemies, but go with this.  Unless there are no arc shielded enemies.  Then go with whatever you like best.  Thinking about it…  I think there will be one captain during the boss fight that has arc shields at least.
  • Special – Use your favorite VOID shotgun or sniper here.
  • Heavy –  If you’re not using Zhalo Supercell, then grab your trusty Gjallarhorn, Sleeper Simulant, Raze lighter, or Star Nemesis.  Otherwise, grab a Solar damage legendary heavy here.



  • Hunter – Nightstalker.  Your favorite grenade.  Blood Bound.
  • Warlock – Voidwalker.  Scatter Grenades combined with Nothing Manacles.  Shatter your Nova Bomb.  Soul Rip your melee.  Annihilate.  Embrace the Void or Bloom.
  • Titan – Defender.  Magnetic or Spike grenade.  Weapons of Light.  War Machine.  Gift of the Void or Bastion.  Illuminated.


  • Primary – Choose a high impact Scout Rifle or Hand Cannon.  Take advantage of the small arms modifier.
  • Special – TELESTO is the BESTO!  There is no other option!  But, seriously, use what you’re comfortable using.  A void damage sniper is likely your best bet, but a shotgun or fusion isn’t a bad choice either.
  • Heavy – Dark Drinker if you’re not using Telesto and want to destroy things up close and personal.  Otherwise, grab a void damage Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun.


This week could be fun.  Could be.  Melee kills!  Grab your nearest punch happy Titan and go complete this card with style!  That’s what they’ll think anyway.  Personally, there’s nothing better than shooting heads from far away, but that’s just my opinion.

High impact scout rifle for the boss kills.  Oh, and grab your trusty Memory of Felwinter artifact.  You won’t need your Super for this anyway.

Weekly Crucible Playlist

  • Mayhem Rumble
  • Supremacy

Who am I kidding?  It’s Iron Banner week!

As I mentioned earlier things will be a little different this Iron Banner.  This is, of course, the first one of Rise of Iron.  That means that the new Crucible game mode will be front and center.  Supremacy.

First off,  I want to say that I sincerely hope people know how to play this particular game mode.  This is not team deathmatch.  Yes, you’re killing the other team, but you NEED TO COLLECT CRESTS while you’re doing that.  Especially if you to win.  So, get your close up and personal weapons and Supers and reach out and touch someone with your shotguns and auto rifles!

Reputation gains are changing a bunch as well as bounties.  Let’s talk about bounties first.  There used to be 3 weekly bounties and 3 daily bounties that you could work on during Iron Banner.  You’d get 3 new daily bounties every day.  Now there will only be 4 weekly bounties.  Now, these are easier to complete in my oh so humble opinion.  From what I remember of them from screenshots somewhere else, you need to score 100 points by doing different things during Iron Banner matches.  Kills with abilities, kills with weapons and a couple of others which I can’t remember at the moment.

Those bounties will reward you with 750 reputation, some Legendary Marks, and an Iron banner item of some sort.  I believe I read something about possibly Iron Banner artifacts?  That would be awesome I think.

As for reputation, well, you’ve now read about how much the bounties will award.  What else changed?  The Tempered buff has gone away.  No more grinding away in Iron Banner from Saturday to Monday to get all three of your characters up to Rank 5.  This can certainly be a good thing.  I don’t believe that you get a reputation gain boost by wearing Iron Banner shaders, emblems, or class items anymore, but I’ll figure that out later.  Wins will now give increased reputation (250) and losses will still give Iron Medallions which are worth 150 reputation per medallion once you’re able to win a match.  I’m guessing that those still only stack up to 5.

That just about covers things this week.

Oh!  The raid is pretty friggin’ awesome!  We didn’t finish last week, but we’ll get there!

Eyes up Guardian!  Keep your head on a swivel!  Oh, and spread that buckshot with maximum effectiveness!  Or something.



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