Rise of Iron Banner

It’s that time again, but this time things are a little bit different.  How different?  Very different, yet not so different.  I don’t know.  I haven’t dived into it just yet.  Why not?  I just finished walking my dog, so it’s time for a shower.  Then I can go get slaught…  err…  play some Iron Banner!

To start off with, Iron Banner is no longer available to players of Destiny on Legacy Consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360).  Sorry guys.  You really should move up, but if you can’t, that’s completely understandable.  I mean, who would really want a PS4 anyway?  I jest…  Both current generation consoles are good choices, but that’s a different topic altogether.

Entry requirements

In order to participate in the Iron Banner while it’s available, you must meet the following requirements

  • Own Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Access the Iron Banner playlist using its specific playlist nodes
  • Character level 40
  • Have a minimum Light Level of 230

Okay.  Minimum of 230?  That’s crazy.  Honestly, I think that minimum should be bumped up to at least 340.  At LEAST.  Most of the people you run into will be an average of 360 I would say.  I could certainly be low-balling that, however.

Earning Reputation

Reputation gains have changed.  You no longer get the Tempered Buff on day 2 of Iron Banner.  You also do not get bonus reputation by equipping Iron Banner Emblems, Shaders, or Class Items so far as I know.  I’ll look into that a little bit more later.  This really isn’t an issue in my opinion.

  • Iron Medallions:  You gain an Iron Medallion when you lose.  These will only stack up to 5, so I hope you don’t lose more matches than that in a row.  Otherwise, I’m sorry.  That just stinks.  When you win a match with these medallions in your inventory, you will gain 150 reputation per medallion that you have.
  • Alternate Characters:  Alternate characters on your account can earn increased reputation gains once one of your characters reaches Rank 2 and the alternate character reaches Rank 1 (which is extremely easy from what I’ve heard).  Personally I think the best way to do this is to play until Rank 5 on your main character, then do the same for your other two characters.  It just makes things easier.

Iron Bounties

Lady Efrideet, not Lord Saladin, offers several Iron Banner specific bounties.

  • Weekly Bounties:  Lady Efrideet offers 4 weekly bounties for each Iron Banner.  These can be completed to receive experience, Legendary Marks(25), Iron Banner Gear, and Iron Banner Reputation(750).  There are no longer any daily bounties.
  • Other Bounties:  As always, you can complete normal Crucible Bounties during the Iron Banner, but they will not provide Iron Banner reputation.
  • Shaxx:  Shaxx still has his weekly bounty, and I believe that this week’s bounty is based on Supremacy.  Have at it, Guardians!


  • Match Completion:  Completing a match in Iron Banner gives the player a chance to earn Iron Banner specific rewards.  This can include Ghosts, an Emblem, a Sparrow, weapons, and armor.
  • Purchased:  Lady Efrideet will have a set list of Iron Banner specific gear that can be purchased for Legendary Marks.  This week she has an Auto Rifle, a Shotgun, a Class Item, and Gauntlets.  I think.  I really should double check that.

One other major change that has happened is that you no longer receive packages at Ranks 3 and 5.  From what I’ve been able to gather, gear drops relatively frequently, so that’s not a big deal.  Your mileage may vary.

Well, that’s it.  I need a shower.  Y’all go kill Guardians and for Saladin’s sake, pick up THOSE FRIGGIN’ CRESTS!  Blue and red.  Pick them both up!  It’s vital to winning you know.


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