10-18-16 Destiny Weekly Reset and PATCH!

Guess what?  It’s that time again!  Yup, it’s the weekly reset for Destiny, when we get all kinds of new and different things to do!  Wait…  I’ve used a line like that before?  Well, crap.  Okay… um.

I’m late today.  I type these up at work when I have time, and that’s something that I just couldn’t do this morning.  So, let’s get to it!Tyra, Tyra, Tyra!  Give me something different to do.  I don’t really want my deeds in the Plaguelands to be noble. Screw noble.  I want to do something absolutely dastardly!  No?  fine then…

Okay, I should probably edit those images and remove the stats or something.  The stats are different from week to week I believe.  But, those are what’s available this week.  I’ll come up with something.  Eventually.

Shiro.  You, sir, need to also come up with something different.  Those patrols in the Plaguelands can get old real quick.  Get creative with your quests!  You know…  like Cayde.  He’s one creative Hunter.  Amusing, too.  Probably the best of the Vanguard you know.

Here are the bounties available from good old Shiro.

  • Complete 5 Public Events in the Plaguelands
  • Kill 150 Fallen Majors and Ultras
  • Complete 10 Patrols in the Plaguelands
  • Complete 4 Servitor encounters in Archon’s Forge

Now for the good stuff.  Right on!


I just…  Ouch.  Okay.

Target:  Bond Brothers.  Ouch.

Subclass:  Okay, this should be easy!

  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  Self revive.  Period.  You’re going to need it.  Seriously.  Use it.  Extra grenades are a plus also.  Did I mention that you’re going to need your Self revive?  Just checking…
  • Hunter – Gunslinger.  Grab your Celestial Nighthawk.  You’ll wait as many grenades as you can throw.  I’ll just stick to my single Incendiary Grenade, but that’s my choice.  Deadeye is your Golden Gun of choice.  Do as much damage as you can to that flying flaming frick of a Cabal.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  You’ve got the gist by now.  Throw hammers!  Throw grenades!  equip the proper exotic armor (Armentarium) and go to town and everything!

Loadout:  Also…  relatively easy.

  • Primary – Your choice.  Pick something with decent impact and magazine.  Also, firefly.  Hand Cannons and Scout Rifles.
  • Special – Here we go.  Solar Sniper if you’re staying back a bit.  Otherwise, grab a solar Fusion rifle.  Shotguns are nice and all, but you probably don’t want to get too close to anything.  Oh, and snipe the tank.  It’s easier that way.
  • Heavy – Do I need to make a suggestion here?  Your choice really.  Gjallarhorn for fire and forget.  Sleep Simulant for huge damage numbers.  Nemesis Star for you machine gun lovers.  Raze Lighter?  Nah.  I would pass on that for this run.


This is so bad really.  Small arms again?  Well, it can make things easy.  Void burn?  Watch out for a particular Ogre and Orge-eye-gun toting guy…


  • Warlock – Voidwalker.
  • Hunter – Nightstalker
  • Titan – Whatever you want, really.  You could go Defender, but that’s only going to be really useful in certain situations.  I’d say go Sunbreaker here, despite the Void Burn.


  • Primary – High impact weapons.  Hand Cannons and Scout Rifles.  Pick your favorite.
  • Special – Telesto will also be The Besto when there’s void burn.  Barring that, use a Void Sniper.
  • Heavy –  Truth.  If you don’t feel like using that, then go with  whatever you really like to use.  Just make sure that it has Void Damage!  Small arms will make Special and Heavy weapons not hit as hard. Don’t forget that.


Is anybody still doing this?  No matter.  Those are the modifiers.

Weekly Crucible Playlists

  • Freelance 3v3
  • Mayhem Clash

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Complete 7 Rift Matches
  • Get 50 Primary Weapon Kills in Rift
  • Get 25 Assisted Kills in Rift
  • Runner Stopped

2.4.1 Patch Notes

This week we also get a new patch for Destiny.  It’s 2.4.1 and it has some interesting changes.  It’s actually a pretty long list, but I’ll stick to the seemingly important parts.


  • Fixed an issue where Agonarch Runes were not charging due to the same Taken Major spawning in the Dreadnaught Patrol.
  • Fixed an issue where the Consumed Ghost Shell did not properly display its spines.
  • Fixed an issue where Comitatus was not dropping properly from Faction Packages for players who own Kondratyuk’s Escape.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving SIVA Key Fragments from Raid bosses in Wrath of the Machine.
    • 1 SIVA Key Fragment will now drop from Normal Mode bosses.
    • 2 SIVA Key Fragments will now drop from Hard Mode bosses.
    • SIVA Key Fragments will now drop on each boss kill even if players have already completed the Raid that week


  • A new Holiday Collection is now available to allow you to reclaim your Festival of the Lost Masks.
  • Class-restricted shaders can now be used by all Classes.


  • Inferno Elimination is now available in Private Matches


  • Trespasser now requires an Exotic Shard for infusion
  • All changes to increase Light above 385 will take effect upon the release of Heroic Mode for Wrath of the Machine
  • Reputation Boosters can now be purchased with Silver Dust as well as Silver


  • The SIVA Strike Playlist will drop rewards up to 365 Light
  • The Heroic SIVA Strike Playlist will now drop rewards up to 385 Light
  • Archon’s Forge can now drop rewards up to 385 Light
  • Archon’s Forge can now drop Ghosts and Artifacts up to 400 Light
  • Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Strike Hoards will now provide drops up to 400 Light
  • Wrath of the Machine, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner will now attempt to reward higher Light items on average


  • Vanguard, Crucible, and Faction Packages will now provide drops up to 390 Light
  • Increased chance of Artifacts from Crota’s Bane Reputation Packages
  • Increased chance of Ghosts from New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, Vanguard, and Crucible Reputation Packages


  • Rare Engrams will now decrypt up to 365 Light
  • Legendary Engrams will now decrypt up to 385 Light
  • Exotic Engrams will now decrypt up to 400 Light


  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic SIVA Crisis Playlist was not counting towards the “Take a Strike” Record in the Rise of Iron Record Book


There.  I’m done I think.  That took entirely too long to do, but that’s what happens when I try to do this at work.  However, it’s not like I really have time to do this at home.  Okay, maybe I would if I would wake up earlier…  HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  That’s funny.


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