11-1-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

It’s the first of November.  It’s a Tuesday.  That’s right!  Less than two months until Christmas.  =(  Buying presents for a 10 year old son doesn’t get any easier as he gets older you know.  Especially after you just bought your first house and have a mortgage payment to make every month.  And you might need to buy a car sooner rather than later because your current one may or may not be on it’s last cylinder….

But really, it’s time to do another Destiny Reset Post.

On an unrelated note.  I didn’t see many clowns last night.  That surprised the heck out of me.  Oh well.  Silly people not out scaring other silly people.


Target:  Phog.. errr…  Abomination Heist

To start off with I will say…  watch out for Hive Wizards, Knights, and sneaky sneaky Thralls.  Don’t stay ADS (aiming down sights) for too long!  Those Thralls will tear you a new one.  Be glad Lightswitch isn’t a thing anymore.  Ouch.

Otherwise, this shouldn’t be a horrible Nightfall.  Sure, Juggler can be annoying.  Just make sure that you are switching out weapons while you go through.  Don’t allow yourself to only use one weapon type.  You’ll quickly run out of ammo.


  • Warlock – Stormcaller.  Would you be anything else during Arc Burn?  Okay, for Nightfall, Sunsinger with wipe-saving Self Revive is alays nice, but it shouldn’t be necessary.  Superconductor, Transcendence, Electrostatic Mind?  I think.  I haven’t been running my Warlock as much lately in my attempt to reach 400 LL on my Hunter…
  • Hunter – Bladedancer.  Possibly your “get out of jail free” card if it comes down to it.  Flux grenades, because the others stink.  Vanish, Shadowjack, Encore or Hungering Blade.  The Invisibility is mainly to revive your allies if you need to.  Be a team player!
  • Titan – Striker.  Go ground pound some enemies you beast.  Lightning Grenades, Shockwave, Aftershocks, Unstoppable.  Really, pick your favorite set of perks.

Loadout:  In Essence, pick the weapons that you are most comfortable with that have ARC damage.

  •  Primary – Zhalo Supercell?  Perhaps.  I think, instead, that I’ll run with one of my trusty Scout Rifles.  Chaos Dogma has been fun so far.  But, that’s just my choice.
  • Special – But Not Forgotten…  in Arc.  Since that’s what always get when it comes to Sniper Rifles.  Arc Damage.  Everything is ARC DAMAGE!  Except this week.  I got two more BNFs, but one was Solar and the other was Void.  I was doing a happy dance.
  • Heavy – Thunderlord.  Thunderlord.  Thunderlord.  But, that’s just me.  I do need to infuse mine up, sadly.  Maybe Bolt Caster.  That could be fun.


Hey…  that looks familiar.  It’s almost the same as Nightfall!  Just without Arc Burn.  Could be fun.

Sublass:  I don’t think this really deserves a write-up this week.  But… well, hell.  Here you go.  Goobers.

  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  Angel of Light.  Go float and kill things.
  • Hunter – Nightstalker.  Go make orbs for your Fireteam like always.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Go blow stuff up with your fiery hammers of “SCREW YOU HIPPY!”


  • Primary – Does it matter?  It’s specialist.  Your favorite gun here.
  • Special – Does it matter?  It’s specialist.  Kill things everything however you want to kill things.  Shotgun?  Go for it.  Sniper rifle?  Find a good campy spot, kill things, then move on.  Fusion rifle?  That works just as well.  Telesto is the Besto!
  • Heavy – Are you ever going  to Gjallarhorn off?  Well, take it off!  Don’t use it!  Use something else.  I guess…  Whatever.  Use it anyway.


Why am I still including Challenge of the Elders?  I have no clue.  It’s not much use anymore.  Well, there’s the modifiers.  There are some that still enjoy it.


She’s got her three artifacts again with different rolls.

Crucible Playlists:

  • Inferno Rumble
  • Zone Control

Lord Shaxx Bounty: (From memory…)

  • Complete 7 Matches of Clash
  • 50 Primary Weapon Kills in Clash
  • 25 Assists in Clash
  • 25 Ability Kills in Clash (Super, Grenade, Melee)

Shiro’s Bounties

  • Complete 4 Dreg encounters in Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 4 Shank encounters in Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 5 Public Events in the Plaguelands
  • Complete 10 Patrols in the Plaguelands

That’s it for now.  Festival of the Lost is still active for another week, so go get your stuff if you haven’t yet.  Iron Banner will likely start next Tuesday.  I guess it’ll be time to get my Light up some more.  394 and rising.

I really should sign up for one of those Heroic mode Wrath of the Machine raids on my 100.io group.  I finally got Aksis finished up, and now I need to get started on the Outbreak Prime quest.  If only I could find a Titan and a Warlock to help me out there.

Until next week!  Or the next post.  Who knows?  It might be sooner than you think!

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