Iron Banner and Hotfix

Iron Banner is back!  Good times.  Get your Fireteams ready!  Or, hell, get your solo selves ready!  Stock up on….  well, whatever you need to stock up on!  There’s more PvP this week than I normally do in the three previous weeks!

Yeah, I do that.  I’m not a huge fan of PvP in Destiny, but I still do some of it.  And I will Iron Banner the heck out of Iron Banner when it’s here and I have time.  HAH!


Game Mode:  Control

Yep, it’s Control.  It’s been control so many times, so people should know how to play it.  Right?  Not always.  I’m not saying that there is only a single way to play Control. but there are ways that help you win…

First of all, it’s called Control for a reason.  Controlling the points on the map will lead to victory.  However, you do NOT need to control all three.  Two of the three is just fine.  If you have two points, then protect them.  Do not go running off to the third point.  Why?  Because you will flip the spawn.  This can be a very bad thing.

Shores of TimeB and C are the control points that you want.  If you

Now, there are instances in which you can safely skip taking a control point.  That’s if you are hands down the best player on the team and can easy run games regularly with a 2.0+ kill/death ratio.  The rest of your team should be focusing on holding those two points.  You just go kill the other team.  Repeatedly.  Bonus points for being flashy (I’m kidding, of course).

Kills gain you points for your team.  Neutralizing points gives you points.  Capturing points gives you points.  Assists gives y…  well, you get the picture.

Available Bounties:

  • Earn 100 Points in Iron Banner (Match Complete = 5, Match Win = 10)
    • Rewards:  5000 xp, 25 Legendary Marks, 750 Iron Banner Reputation, Legendary Weapon
  • Earn 100 Points with Ability Kills (Grenade = 2, Melee = 3, Super = 5)
    • Rewards:  5000 xp, 25 Legendary Marks, 750 Iron Banner Reputation, Legendary Gear
  • Earn 100 Points with Weapon Kills (Primary = 1, Special = 2, Heavy =5)
    • Rewards:  5000 xp, 25 Legendary Marks, 750 Iron Banner Reputation, Legendary Weapon
  • Earn 100 Points supporting your teammates (Assisted Kills = 1, Avenger Kills = 3, Allies Defended = 5)
    • Rewards: 5000 xp, 25 Legendary Marks, 750 Iron Banner Reputation, Legendary Gear

I’m torn, really, on the best time to turn these in.  Sometimes I think that waiting until the end of Iron Banner to turn them in might best.  The Light Level of the drops will be higher that way.  Sometimes I think that turning them in when you complete them might be best.  Then your Light Level will be higher during Iron Banner making your drops have higher Light Level.  Now I hear that the loot pool for those bounties changes once Iron Banner is completed and gone.  Oye!

So, what can Iron Banner give me?

Remember this to start off with:  Every piece of loot can drop with up to 400 Light.  This is important!

This week, the Iron Banner lady is selling the Pulse Rifle, Machine Gun, Chest, and Boots.  You can buy those with Legendary Marks right off the bat, but I don’t know what the stats or perks are on them as of yet.  These items will also have a chance to drop at the end of matches (as well as Ghosts, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!).

The bounties listed above have a different loot table during Iron Banner.  They will drop any Weapon or Armor piece that is not available from Efrideet or from the post-match reward screen.  That means you could get the Helmet or the Scout Rifle this week from your bounties.

Once Iron Banner has finished, those bounties can give you any piece of Iron Banner gear.  This is where I get a little lost on when I should turn my bounties in.  Grrrr.  I suppose that if you really really wanted the Pulse Rifle, then you could hold onto to those Weapon Bounties and turn them in after Iron Banner in the hopes of getting one (if you didn’t get a decent one previously).


The one about Engrams

Here we go!


  • Strikes
    • Fixed an issue where the Taken Archon Priest in the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping Skeleton Keys at the intended rate.


  • Maps
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to access the rooftops on Skyline


  • Fixed an issue where Rise of Iron Vanguard and Crucible weapons were not decrypting from Engrams
  • Fixed an issue where Comitatus was continuing to not drop properly from Faction Packages for players who own Kondratyuk’s Escape
  • Fixed an issue where Armor decrypted from Dusty Engrams was dismantling into Legendary Marks
    • It will now dismantle into 1 Silver dust
  • Removed the Silver Dust cost to apply Iron Lord, Trials of Osiris, and Heroic Mode Raid Armor Ornaments
  • Players will now earn SIVA Key Fragments at an overall increased rate
    • The first time a Raid boss is killed on Normal Difficulty they will drop 3 SIVA Key Fragments.  For the next kill that week, they will drop two, and then one for the third kill that week.
    • After the fourth or greater kill, the boss will no longer drop SIVA Key Fragments for the week.
    • The same behavior will occur for killing Heroic bosses.

Well, that was short and sweet.  Personally, I guess nothing really jumps out at me other than not requiring Silver Dust for those particular pieces of armor to be Ornamented.  That’s handy.  Otherwise, the 3 SIVA Key Fragments for the first kill is nice.  I like that.

Have fun, guys!  Oh, and IGNORE C ON SHORES OF TIME!!!!

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