11-15-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

Iron Banner is over.  Much loot was had.  Many foes were slain in epic victories.  And Aksis is still a prick, but that is a different story entirely.  It’s Tuesday again, so let’s see what’s going on in the Destiny Universe!

One thing real quick, though.  I suppose that I should actually be more in depth with some of my suggestions.  I’ve gotten lazy about them lately, and put easy things in like “Your preference here.”  While this is effective in some situations, I probably should offer at least a couple of choices.  I’ve said that I’m not a pro at this game, but I do sometimes have helpful ideas.


Target:  The Wretched Eye.

Well, this ought to be fun.  Arc Burn, Brawler, Ironclad, and Exposure.  Fun times for everyone!

Things to watch out for:

  • Repeater Shanks – These guys are deadly when there is Arc Burn.  A good high impact weapon will still take them out relatively quickly.  They like to fly down from the ceiling during the boss fight, so pay attention and take them out ASAP!  It’s usually one at a time and they’re slow, so you should be able to get them.
  • Hive Wizards – If the Nightfall has Hive in it, these guys can murder you.
  • Hive Knights – Again, if the Nightfall has Hive in it, kill these guys as quickly as possible.  Stupid Boomers….


  • Warlock – I can’t stress enough how handy it is having a Stormcaller through everything up to the boss fight itself.  Being able to take out large groups of enemies in short order can help your Fireteam a lot.  Superconductor, Chain Lightning, Transcendence, and Electrostatic Mind (or Arc Web) to be the best Fireteam member that you can be.  Just be sure to stay near your mates so that Super charges faster!
  • Hunter – I won’t suggest Bladedancer here.  Their uses in PvE just aren’t….  well, use Nightstalker.  You’ll be better off being a team player and making orbs for your teammates here.  Blood Bound, Vanish in Smoke (for those hero moments), Light of the Pack, and Predator.  You should be able to get your Super up rather quickly by grabbing those orbs that your Warlock drops (if you have one).
  • Titan – You can really go two ways here.  Defender because who doesn’t love having a bubble handy?  Striker because of… well…  Arc damage.  With  Defender you’re going to want to go with Weapons of Light, Bastion or Gift of the Void, and Illuminated.  Extra damage to make things die quicker is always helpful.  If things get tough, then switch out to Blessing of Light and you can die slower.  For Strikers you may want to run with Shockwave, Overload or Discharge, Transfusion, and Unstoppable or Shoulder Charge.


  • Primary – I always like to advise using a Scout Rifle or a Hand Cannon simply because of the impact.  However, Zhalo Supercell is always a good choice when Arc Burn is active.  If you happen to have the Auto Rifle from the Wrath of the Machine, Genesis Chain~, then that should work well also.  Just watch out for the seeking head-balls of death from Splicers.
  • Special – Arc, Arc, Arc.  A good Sniper Rifle is handy here for range (But Not Forgotten, 1000 Yard Stare, Y-09 Longbow Synthesis).  A Shotgun or Fusion rifle will work in a pinch through all of the close quarter rooms that you have to deal with before you get to the boss.
  • Heavy – Machine gun heaven!  Okay, that’s just me.  If you’re not using Zhalo Supercell, then grab your Thunderlord and go to town on things.  If Materia~ from the Heroic Wrath of the Machine is likely a good choice as well (I don’t have this, yet).  The Silvered Dread isn’t a bad choice, either.  Just make sure that you’re using  an Arc damage weapon in your heavy slot!



Okay, so there really isn’t a lot to say about Heroic Strikes.  Specialist can make short work of things when using the appropriate weapon.  There’s no burn this week, so your loadout is your loadout of choice.  Yes, I did say that I was going to be more in depth, but this is just a strike playlist.  Have fun with it and I hope you get Skeleton Keys (stupid bloody things…).

I will say, however, that Hunters might want to run Gunslinger with Celestial Nighthawk and use the perk DeadeyeAirborne is just going to make things melt when you jump and fire off that magnificent burning bullet of instant death.  Titans, go ham with Shouldercharge  equip Peregrine Greaves.  That is all.



The challenge mode for this week should be Vosik.  I don’t have any suggestions here seeing as though I haven’t made the attempt, yet.  We’ll get around to this eventually.  Either way, go get your loot this week Guardians!



Shiro’s Bounties

  • Kill 100 Enemies with the Iron Battle Axe or Scorch-type cannons
  • Complete 10 Patrols in the Plaguelands
  • Complete 4 Shank Encounters in the Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 4 Vandal Encounters in the Archon’s Forge

As always, Perfected Offerings provide more points towards completion of the latter two bounties than Fused or Enhanced.  Just use what you get and it will take no time at all to complete those bounties.

Crucible Playlists

  • Salvage (Ugh)
  • Inferno Supremacy (Uh, interesting)

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Complete 7 Matches in Supremacy
  • Get 50 Kills with Primary Weapons in Supremacy
  • Get 30 Kill Credits in Supremacy
  • Deny 20 Crests in Supremacy

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Hadium Flakes
  • Future War Cult – Helium Filaments
  • Dead Orbit – Helium Filaments
  • New Monarchy – Spirit Bloom


That’s it for now.  I’m thinking about making a post about some strategies to be used in Wrath of the Machine (Normal) later on.  I want to get more screenshots for that, however, so we’ll see.

Y’all get out there and cleanse some of those evil things that are prowling around our galaxy! I’ll be here at work just…  suffering.

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