Wrath of the Machine: Breaking In

So, now that I think I’m raiding with regularity, let’s talk about that.

Wrath of the Machine is actually a fun raid.  Mechanics are important, but in most cases missing something or dying doesn’t require a wipe.  This is a refreshing change from King’s Fall.  I will say, however, that having a rather chill fireteam really does help make this raid fun.  Oh…  the jumping “puzzles” aren’t bad either.

Let’s get raiding!


  1. Breaking In
  2. TV Time with Vosik
  3. Death Zamboni
  4. Aksis Phase 1
  5. Aksis Phase 2
  6. Exotic Chests
  7. Going for Outbreak Prime


I’m going to start out by saying that almost every subclass has a place during this particular raid.  Except you Bladedancers.  You guys go somewhere else.  These are just suggestions.

  • WarlockStormcallers are great for clearing out adds.  Absolutely great.  Keep that in mind when choosing your subclass.  However, Sunsingers are important also, and I don’t mean for their Self-Revive!  Viking Funeral can increase the amount of damage that your fireteam deals to a boss!  Voidwalkers also do well at clearing adds.
  • HunterGunslingers and their Golden Guns can’t necessarily be discounted, but they’re nowhere near as useful as Nightstalkers.  Tethers to increase damage to bosses (Black Hole) and creating Orbs for your fireteam outside of damage phases is so very important.
  • TitanSunbreakers are great for a couple of reasons.  Clearing out adds for starters.  Those hammers work wonders at decimating the Splicer population.  Melting point is also a great perk to use on Aksis after each of his first two teleports if you are close enough.  Extra damage is always nice.  Defenders are always going to be handy, however.  Weapons of Light will increase your damage and it stacks with whatever other debuff is already on the boss you’re fighting at the time.  I’ll get into that at a later time.  Strikers can use Fist of Havoc (PANIC) to quickly take out Captains during boss fights.

Again, this really comes down to preference, but there are still preferred subclasses to use.  I’m thinking the ideal fireteam would have two of each class, but that’s in a perfect world of course.  This will also help if you intend on activating the monitors and starting the quest for Outbreak Prime.

One Defender and one Sunbreaker is ideal at least.  Perhaps even 2 Defenders.  One Sunsinger and one Stormcaller.  Two Nightstalkers.  This is just me thinking out loud, however.


  • Primary – I’ve used this a lot in my reset posts, but it really does apply here.  This is completely up to your preference.  Use what you are most comfortable with.  I will say this, however:  You need to be able to do consistent and good damage per second (DPS) with your weapon.  A decent Hand Cannon can one shot smaller Shanks.  A good Scout Rifle will two-shot most Shanks. Auto Rifles and Pulse Rifles can be useful depending on the guns themselves.
  • Special – I can’t stress enough that having a good Sniper Rifle is important.  Some phases of this raid almost require your DPS to be done using a Sniper Rifle instead of a Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun.  I suggest a 1000 Yard Stare, But Not Forgotten, Y09 Longbow Synthesis, and the like.  Triple Tap is a huge bonus on Sniper Rifles.  Practice with them if you need it.  That being said, Shotguns and Fusion Rifles have their place.  They both work well enough on Captains during certain fights.  Personally, I prefer my Dark Drinker (Void Exotic Sword) for that work. Oh!  Black Spindle still does amazing DPS.
  • Heavy – This is where things can get rather interesting.  Rocket Launchers and Swords both have their place here.  Even Machine Guns, really.  It’s not all about DPS for this class of weapon.  Swords work wonders on Captains.  Dark Drinker can one shot any Captain with a Void shield (Vosik phase 2) and still make quick work of the others.  It also does great DPS on Aksis himself.  Raze Lighter can one shot any Captain with a Solar shield and also make quick work of the others.  Gjallarhorn works well in some instances, but even the Wolfpack rounds don’t add any considerable DPS against Vosik (phase 2).  Those rounds end up hitting monitors behind him which we’ll get to later.  Sleeper Simulant can be useful for boss fights.

It really comes down to:  Use your best judgment when choosing your loadout for each fight.  I’ll try to touch on that a little bit for each section.



I’m sorry.  This is an old habit from raiding in Everquest back in the day.  The initial part of the raid was the “Break-In.”  You had to fight your way in before the real raid started.  Fun times.  Anyway…

Jump into the raid with your fireteam and you’ll see a little bit of snowy terrain with some odds and ends pretty much everywhere and one platform across the way from you.  There are these beams of light emanating from places here and there.

I’m just going to jump right into how to do this section.  It’s straight forward and relatively easy.  Sit back, relax, and throw things at the screen if you don’t agree with me, but I’m not responsible for any damage that you may cause!

Oh, and here’s your first target.  Look at that ugly mug!  Remember it!  You’ll see it again.


I died getting this picture.  You’re welcome.


First things first.  Break up into 3 teams of 2.  You’ll want to cover an area in the middle, an area on the left, and an area on the right.  I like to have two people cover the middle area (one of which will be a floater who can help out anywhere that they might be needed), one person covering the left, and one person covering the right.  The last two will be collecting voltage.  Voltage?  We’ll cover that shortly.  What are you covering?  This thing here, which there happens to be one in the middle, left, and right.


That thing there is important.  Don’t let the big ugly Voltage Eater shank get near it.  Got that?  A few well placed sniper shots will usually take it out, but keep an eye out for its two mini-me’s and the rest of the Splicers that are going to be gunning for you.  Please note the gauge in the front.  Yes, that yellow light is a gauge.  When it’s full, bombs start to fall!  That’s when the fun really begins.


That guy there.  Kill him quick.  He’s going to drain whatever voltage that you manage to slam into the thing that you’re guarding.  Wait, what?  Slam voltage?  What are you talking about?  Oh, right.  I should tell you about that, too.  Remember those beams of light that I told you about earlier?  They look like this.  You’re going to have to run through 4 of those and then take your collected voltage and slam it in one of those three locations that the rest of your fireteam has been guarding.  Easy!

It isn’t hard to be honest, but there are a couple of things to think about.  Let’s start off by showing you just what those beams of light look like.


Okay, so that’s that.  If you look around the screenshot you’ll notice that there are several of those beams that you can run through.  Also, look at the bottom of the one in front of me (and marvel at my Auto Rifle).  See those cables and the emitter they are connected to?  There are many of these in this area.  Any one of them can spawn this light.  Remember, you’re going to want to run through FOUR of them.  Not 3.  Not  5.  The number shall be 4.  Bonus points for getting that reference even though the number is incorrect.


As you see in the above screenshot, I’m only at 3 Charges.  I’m not yet at the magic number of 4.  You can tell by looking at the bottom left of your screen and just above  your Super bar.  That right there.  There is also a timer.  If you do not manage to run through another beam of light, then you will explode and you will die.  Not fun.  I believe the timer is approximately 14 seconds, so you really do have plenty of time.

Oh right,  one other thing.  If you’re running on the left side, then try to stay on the left side to collect your voltage.  The same applies to the right.  You don’t want to be stealing voltage from someone else!  That could cause a death.


This screenshot is apparently entirely too bright to see that the text above my Super bar says “Voltage Maxed” with a timer.  What do I do now?  Why, I go and SLAM one of the collectors!

That’s what I do!  When you’ve collected 4 charges and your voltage is maxed, then make your way to a collector.  Hold down X when you’re getting close to it and you’ll slam your voltage into it and get it charged up.  Once that gauge in front is all lit up and full then the collector will start to drop bombs.  You pick up the bombs and you throw them at Vosik, who will have teleported back to his initial position.

Did I forget to mention that?  I did.  While you’re running around gathering voltage, Vosik is going to teleport around to different spots to try to shoot you and your friends.  If you happen to be heading to a bit of light and he teleports onto your head at the same instance, then you will die. You’ve just been Goomba-stomped!

Now, there are two ways beat down Vosik.  One way takes a lot less time than the other.  We’ll start with the longer way, which is going to require some DPS.

Those bombs that dropped from the collectors?  Well, pick them up as they drop, jump up, and throw them at Vosik.  Aim is relatively important here, so be sure to aim at his head or slightly above it.  If you miss, it’s not horribly important.  The bombs do splash damage, so if you happen to hit the platform at his feet then you’ll still do damage to his shield.  Shield?  What shield?!?

Yes, Vosik has a shield.  The bombs are the only way take them down.  Remember that.  So, you’ve got all those bombs and your fireteam is busy chucking them at Vosik.  His shield is now gone and you still have a couple bombs left?  Throw them.  They do massive damage to his health.  Remember this, also, for later.  This is the time to do DPS.  Remember that Sniper I suggested?  Pull it out and go to town on Vosik’s head.  Hit Vosik with everything your fireteam can dish out including Tether and Warlock Grenades.  There is no need to congregate in one area to take advantage of a Weapons of Light Bubble.  Just shoot the bugger.  You will likely need to repeat this once more.  Twice more if you don’t manage to get good DPS on Vosik.

Now, the other method will likely only take two rounds.  You do everything as before, but you STOP throwing bombs when he has only a sliver of his shield left.  Throw those bombs somewhere harmless or ignore them altogether.  Guess what?  His shield does not regenerate until a certain amount of time has passed which is actually your DPS phase.  This is a key thing to remember.  I’m asking you to remember a lot of things.

So, you’ve gotten his shield down to next to nothing.  You do another round of charge the collectors/generators/whateverthehellyouwanttocallthem and you throw those bombs again.  This time, that’s all you’re doing.  Don’t pull out a gun unless you’ve run out of bombs.  The bombs will do more damage than you can.  He’ll be running away from you before you throw your last bomb in all likelihood.

Once that’s done, go on up and collect your loot!




Okay, okay, I was pulling your leg there.  He doesn’t drop any loot!  Buuuuut, there is a chest up at the top that will have a chance at an exotic drop (up to 385 Light), a legendary Engram, and 2 SIVA Key Fragments.

What in the bloody hell is a SIVA Key Fragment?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because those are your tickets to getting more loot!

Each boss past this Break-In will drop loot for you.  TV Time with Vosik, Death Zamboni Siege Engine Horro Show, and Aksis Is A Teleporting Pain In The Arse.  You’ll receive SIVA Key Fragments at the following rate (this applies per boss):

  1. First kill of the week:  3 SIVA Key Fragments
  2. Second kill of the week:  2 Fragments
  3. Third kill of the week:  1 Fragment
  4. Fourth and each successive kill of the week:  0 Fragments

But you still haven’t told me what to do with them!!!

I know, I know.  I was getting to that.  Patience grasshopper.

Well, you hold onto them is what you do.  By themselves they do nothing.  However, once you have TEN of them, you can convert them into a SIVA Cache Key.  THIS is what will allow you to get more loot.  Those bosses I mentioned earlier that will drop loot for you?  Well, they also drop a SIVA Cache that you can use your shiny new SIVA Cache Key to open up.  What will you get?  It will randomly be anything that the boss you just killed can drop.  Vosik just gave you a Shotgun?  Well, the chest can drop either that Shotgun or the Fusion Rifle, or whatever piece of armor that drops there, which I’m not currently remembering.

There is one other thing that can be done with SIVA Key Fragments.  You can re-roll the perks on any armor that happens to drop for you.  There are perks that don’t change (like Eliksni Immunity [Helmet], Scavenger’s Boon [Gloves], Bomb Disposal Shield [Chest], and In Your Element [Boots]), but the rest are fair game.  Got some Nanomania Grasps with Pulse Rifle Reload speed, but you want Sniper Rifle Reload speed?  Boom.  Re-roll that sucker with 5 SIVA Key Fragments.  This will, of course, have a chance to change the other perks as well, but that’s the gamble with re-rolling.

Okay, I think that I’ve gotten a little long winded with this post, and I need to get more screenshots and videos for the rest of the raid.  There’s only so much I can do solo in this initial section.  I think I’ll leave the next sections for another post.

Suspense?  Yes, please.

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