Wrath of the Machine: TV Time with Vosik

Ahhh, potato quality screenshots and video clips!  Gotta love them.  Sorry about that.  I streamed our Heroic Wrath of the Machine attempt last night on Twitch to grab some clips for this particular “guide.”  It’s not really a guide, but suggestions?  Yeah, we’ll run with that.

So, continuing on from the last section….   You beat up Vosik until he ran to his chambers to shop on QVC.  He’s been hitting Amazon, Newegg, and Ebay on some of those monitors as well.  He’s ready for Christmas already!  Jerk…


  1. Breaking In
  2. TV Time with Vosik
  3. Death Zamboni
  4. Aksis Phase 1
  5. Aksis Phase 2
  6. Exotic Chests
  7. Going for Outbreak Prime

Okay, so you’ve picked up the Chest (or you didn’t).  You made it through the jumping puzzle.  You fell through the grate in the floor into another chamber with many screens on the wall in front of you.  Remember those screens.  They’re important.  There’s a small platform in front of you, and, if you look around, there are a lot of boxes that look perfect to hide behind.

To the left and right you see rooms.  There are two on each side.  Remember these.  They are very important.

Okay, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

I’m assuming that you have a full fireteam.  That’s good.  It will make things easier.  Split into 3 teams of 2.  You might as well just keep your partner the rest of the way through the raid, by the way.  Two of you will go right.  Two of you will go left.  The last two will stay in the middle.  Each pair needs to decide who is going to be the SIVA Charge Thrower.

The person in the middle who is throwing the SIVA Charges will be responsible for counting down the throws for everyone.  “Ready?  3, 2, 1, THROW!”  Easy enough.  The other person should take the responsibility of calling the clean room after the DPS phase is over.  I’ll get to that later, so hold you horse.

Here are a couple of things to be aware of while you’re doing this encounter.

Splicer Grenades suck.  Tracking grenades that pop out of Splicer’s exploding heads suck.  Captains that fall off of edges only to teleport behind you suck.  I think that just about covers it.

Here we go!

So, send some poor sap up onto that small platform in the middle (peninsula?  No water.  Just death around it.).  Congratulations!  You just triggered Vosik and interrupted his smoke break from online and TV shopping!  Out he comes all huffing and puffing and threatening to blow your Tower down or something of that sort.

Enemies will drop from a grate in the ceiling and land on that small platform.  I hope the poor sap from before vacated the premises before that.  Perhaps I should have said something.  Anyway.  Splicers!  They’ll be shooting you and throwing their dreaded red dookies of death (Thanks, Cutter) right in your face.  Kill them.  There will be more, but kill them.  You really don’t want them hanging around.

After a short while of killing that first group you’re going to hear a ticking sound followed by a beeping.  If you look up you’ll see a whirling ceiling fan.  That thing is going to drop a SIVA Charge.  The video above is from heroic mode.  Six charges drop there.  Only three will drop in Normal mode.

The SIVA Charge is just sitting there in the floor.  It can drop in several different spots, so pay attention and get close to it at least, but don’t pick it up, yet!  It will sit there for approximately 15 seconds before it despawns into oblivion.  So, kill some adds, make sure everyone is ready to throw (if you’re calling the shots in the middle;  3, 2, 1, throw), then pick it up, count down, and throw the charge at Vosik.

Hey, why in the heck are we throwing these things at Vosik anyway?  Well, I suppose that I didn’t really explain that part last time.  Vosik has his health bar, right?  He also has an Overshield.  That’s what I will call it.  The white bar directly above his yellow health bar (if you’re not color blind or using color blind mode anyway) is that overshield.  It could be that.  The SIVA charges that you are throwing will take down that overshield.  You’ll be able to see that clearly in the video below.  Thanks Cutter for providing that by the way.

The first charge will hit for a very small amount of damage.  The other two charges will hit for approximately a third of his overshield’s health.  Why are you throwing the three charges in unison?  Well, the next time you head off to fight Vosik, throw those charges one at a time and about 2 seconds apart.  How much damage did they do to his Overshield?  Not much, right?  His Overshield actually has a shield of its own.  We’ll call that the SIVA Shield.  The SIVA Shield is actually what the first charge is knocking out, and it regenerates very very quickly.  Onward!

You’ve thrown your charges.  Great!  Now shoot some more splicers, because the are a pain in the arse.  Oh?  What’s that sound?  Did something just light up behind Vosik?  Yup, one of those monitors just turned on.  What are you going to do about it?  You’re going to shoot it until you blow it up.  That’s what.

In Heroic, there are three monitors ( the big ones) in the middle that will illuminate.  You’ll see that in the clip below.  In normal mode, however, which we are covering, the monitors will be smaller and they will be located on the far left and far right (still behind Vosik).  I’m not sure of the exact number, but I believe that are 4 or so on each side that have a chance at lighting up.

What happens if you don’t shoot the monitor?  Well, Vosik will get very upset at you and attempt to wipe your fireteam.  He’ll raise his hand in the air while screaming “I… have…. the pooowerrrrr!” and SIVA will swarm everywhere.  You have two choices here.  Remember those rooms that I pointed out at the beginning?  Two of those are going to be available for you to use.  The upper part of the door will light up a little.  If you don’t want to wipe, which happens to be one of your choices, then you’re going to run into one of those rooms.  You’ll need to close the door, however.  How in the world do we do that?!  If you look to the right side of the doorway while you’re inside you will see a blinking glowing light.  Shoot the crap out of it.  Alternately, punch it.  That will close the door.  Once the SIVA critical crap is done you can go back to your positions and continue on.

I’m waiting on confirmation of this, but apparently the button/panel/litupstuff in the clean room will go from blinking yellow to red.  Blinking red would be your visual cue to shoot or melee it to close the door.  We’ll see later on whether this is true or not.

What should we do, though?  Should we wipe or try to save it?  That depends entirely on how far into the fight you are.  It depends on the amount of DPS that you’re dishing out or that you’re capable of dishing out.  It’s really a matter of choice and the situation you’re currently in.  At any rate, on with things.

You’re going to throw 3 sets of charges unless someone misses a charge somewhere along the line.  You’re going to destroy two monitors minimum.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll get to the DPS phase.

Ideally you’re going to have your Hunter Tether Vosik.  You’ll have a Weapons of Light bubble somewhere in the back.  Your Warlock will hopefully have Viking Funeral and will be chucking his grenades at Vosik.  Shoot him in the head with Primaries, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers (Gjallarhorn is good, but the wolfpack rounds will hit the monitors behind him for no damage in most cases), Machine Guns, whatever you’ve got that currently has ammo.  Gunslinger?  Golden Gun Vosik in the head.

Two SIVA Charges will drop during this DPS phase.  Pick them up and throw them at Vosik also.  They do a lot of damage.  The clean rooms will activate shortly (2-5 seconds) after those extra two charges drop.  This is when the person calling your room needs to look to the left and right and call which room everyone is going for.

This is relatively simple.  Two of the four rooms  will activate.  I will call them 1, 2, 3, and 4.  You’re facing Vosik right now.  The room to the right that is closest to the front is 1.  Count them clockwise from there.  So, on the right you will have rooms 1 and 2.  You will have rooms 3 and 4 on the left.  The person who is calling the rooms will look right.  If room 2 is active, then you will immediately call it.  “Clean room 2!”  Keep it short and simple.  If you look right and you don’t see room 2 lit up, then look left.  If you see room 3 active, then call it immediately.

What bout if neither room is lit up?  Simple.  You call room 4 (the room on the left side that is closest to the front).  How do we know that it’s going to be active?  Because there are two rooms that are always active (as long as you have two or more rooms… haha).  Why that one?  Because that’s the direction you’re already facing.

You can also refer to these rooms as Front Right, Back Right, Front Left, and Back Left.  It’s really up to your team.

At the end of the DPS phase Vosik is going to summon his SIVA Critical.  Remember that whole safe room routine I laid out earlier?  That’s what you’re going to do here.

You’ll probably need to repeat the DPS phase two more times in order to take him down.

That’s about it.  Perhaps there was something that I missed.  That’s entirely possibly, but that’s what edits are for.  I will add these few little tidbits here at the end, however.

  • Don’t panic.  It’s normal mode.  You’ll get over a single death with no problem.  You’ll get past missing a SIVA Charge throw missing Vosik.
  • Always go with your entire fireteam to the same Clean Room.  If you end up activating two at the same time them you’re going to have less time to take down Vosik.  This does not apply for Challenge mode, but I didn’t get into Challenge mode, did I?
  • Swords are wonderful for taking out those pesky Captains.  However, a well place grenade followed up by rockets or even primary fire by both you and your lane partner will take them down relatively quickly anyway.
  • Rockets (read, Gjallarhorn) can be great at clearing adds if you’re having trouble keeping them in check.
  • Reload, reload, reload!  You’re using a metric crap-ton of ammunition.  Your guns are hungry!  Please remember to reload them as you go.  Your Splicers are dead and you have 2 rounds left in the magazine?  Reload.  The Titan near you dropped a bubble nearby and you’re a little low on health?  Pop in and reload.  You’re in the clean room and you’ve expended every round from every magazine?  RELOAD!  You really don’t want to get caught without ammunition in your guns.
  • Communication is KEY.  Remember this throughout the rest of the raid.  Idle banter is nice, but sometimes you have to cut down on it to get things done.  You have to be able to hear and understand callouts that are being made.  What important callouts are those?
    • “Captains up!”
    • Upper, middle, lower “Left monitor” or “Right monitor”
    • The person calling the clean room has to be heard, period.
    • “3, 2, 1, THROW!”
    • Did I mention that the person calling the clean room has to be heard?  Just checking.

Hey, I’m sure that there is more that I can add to this, and I will add more if anything else comes up.  Until then, go shoot up Vosiks’s place!  It’s fun!


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