11-22-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

It occurs to me that I really should fix up a new featured image.  Maybe some other images for this post.  It’s getting bland and boring.  You know?  Then again, so are my recommendations for the Nightfall this week.  Come on Bungie!  Give me something interesting!

I did say that I was going to try to say away from the whole “your preference” thing, but I’m afraid that it applies to this week’s Nightfall a little more than most when it comes to Subclass selections.  Or maybe not.  I’ll have to think about it.

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving!  Do yourself a favor and spend time with your family and not in front of the TV playing games and whatnot.  They’re there for you if you ever need them, but you need to be there for them as well.  This applies to your friends, as well, but family should always come first.  Real life is way more important than some fantasy life that you can actually walk away from with no consequences.  Walk away from your real life and there are always consequences.



Target:  S.A.B.E.R

Well, this one is always fun!  Okay,  I suppose that depends entirely on your definition of fun.  The biggest thing to watch out for is the Warsat section,  I suppose.  However, Match Game may cause issues in certain situations, so watch out for that.  Oh, and Grenade Snipers.  You know what I’m talking about…  bloody Dregs.


  • Warlock – Add control.  I’m going to go with Stormcaller.  Your ability to take out several adds rather quickly is great with Fresh Troops active.  Storm Grenade, Superconductor, Amplitude or Rising Storm, Transcendence (life saving opportunity), and Electricostatic Mind or Perpetual Charge.
  • Hunter – Nightstalker up until the boos room.  Gunslinger right after.  Or, Gunslinger all the way.  Pick your choice.  Nightstalker should be thinking Orb generation:  Blood Bound and Light of the Pack.  It’s your choice on Grenades and Melee, but I prefer Vortex and Vanish in Smoke.  For Gunslinger I like to run Combustion up to the boss, and then switch to Deadeye with Celestial Nighthawk.  Remember to jump before you fire off that boosted Golden Gun, though, so you can take advantage of Airborne!
  • Titan – Sunbreaker or Defender.  I think Sunbreaker has more utility here for there add clearing capabilities.  Those Thermite Grenades with Catapult?  Ouch!  Scorched Earth and Cauterize to round things out I think.  Defenders should be using the Fireteam’s choice of Weapons or Blessings of Light.


  • Primary – Something with Explosive Rounds.  This will help get some of those shields down that you’re going to run into.  Yes, this brings me to my favorite guns to suggest:  Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons.
  • Special – You’re really going to have to pick and choose based on what your Fireteam is using.  Talk to them and find out, however, a good Fusion Rifle can be handy.  A sniper in the boss room definitely helps, but there are a few close engagements before you get there.
  • Heavy – Here’s where it can get fun and interesting and end up costing you a bunch of Heavy Ammo Synths.  Rocket Launchers for the Warsat.  Machine Guns inside due to the close engagements.  Rocket Launchers once you get to the boss itself.  Of course, you could use one o those throughout the entire Nightfall.  Like I said earlier, it comes down to choice.  Just remember Match Game!



Fun stuff here!  Go farm for stuff and burn things up!  BURN THEM!


  • Warlock – I’m not going to pigeonhole you into Sunsinger…  but it is Solar, and there is Solar Burn, so I’m going to say it.  Use it offensively.  Don’t just wait for your Self-Revive to be ready.  Use that Radiance like it’s going out of style!  Solar Grenade with Sunbreakers, Song of Flame or Radiant Skin, Flame Shield, Radiant Will, and Touch of Flame or Gift of the Sun.
  • Hunter – Gunslinger all the way.  Incendiary Grenade, Combustion (until boss, then Deadeye), Incendiary Blade, Scavenger, and Gambler’s Dagger.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Thermite Grenade, Forgemaster, Explosive Pyre (if you’re not running Immolation Fists, Flameseeker is you are), and Cauterize


  • Primary – Use the Titan punc….  oh, wait.  This is weapons!  Uh, it’s Small Arms, so grab those Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons that I’m always talking about.  High Impact stuff.  Explosive Rounds are a serious bonus.
  • Special – Solar damage Sniper Rifle.  I think you get the picture by now that I like Sniper Rifles.  It’s a shame that I generally don’t do well with them in Crucible.
  • Heavy – I know my readers.  All two of them.  Gjallarhorn, Raze Lighter, Nemesis Star, and Sleeper Simulant will probably be heavily used.


Wrath of the Machine

The challenge mode for the raid should be Aksis this week I think, meaning learn how to use the “Supercharge” strategy.  I don’t know.  Nothing to say here.  Haven’t tried it, yet.



I’ve already bought that Skorri…  Need me some Skorri with Intellect!


  • Use Arc Damage to kill 75 Fallen
  • Kill 150 Fallen Majors and Ultras
  • Complete 4 Captain Encounters in Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 4 Servitor Encounters in Archon’s Forge

Crucible Playlists

  • Mayhem Clash
  • Doubles

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Complete 7 Matches in Clash
  • Get 50 Primary Kills in Clash
  • Get 25 Assists in Clash
  • Get 25 Ability Kills in Clash

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Hadium Flakes
  • Future War Cult – Helium Filament
  • Dead Orbit – Relic Iron (NO!  NO!  No, you can’t have my relic iron!)
  • New Monarchy – Helium Filament

There’s probably more, but I’m struggling to get this out this morning.  I’m sure that there are changes that could be made to suggestions here, but I’m drawing a pretty good blank on things today.

So, to help out…  here’s a completely accidental point blank headshot snipe for you to be in awe of (no, not really in awe).  I swear that I had my shotgun equipped.  I never would have jumped up there to begin with if I knew I had my Sniper Rifle equipped!  Did you see the melee right after?  HAHAHAHA!


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