The Dawning of SRL

Okay, so it’s more like the return of SRL, but I liked the way that the title sounded.

So, here we go.  December 13th, 2016.  Destiny is getting better again.  Yes, I said that, because it’s true.  Sparrow Racing League (SRL) is returning, and The Dawning is coming.  Boy oh boy, and there’s actually a decent amount of changes going on here.  I’ll post the patch notes once they’re available.  But, for now…  here we go!

This is basically a list of what we know is coming/changing.  Some are small little things, but some are actually pretty big changes.

Abbadon & Nova Mortis – The Solar and Void damage versions of the exotic machine gun Thunderlord.  These will apparently be obtainable through a quest initiated through the record book.

Icebreaker – It’s back!  The bounty should be acquired through new bounties given by Zavala.

It looks like there will be around 12 new Sparrows that can be obtained.

There looks to be several new armor sets per class.

Oh, players will receive one gift box per week.  Happy Dawning!

All SRL gear can be ornamented except for the class items.  Those take Chroma.  All of the SRL gear can not be infused up to higher light levels.

SRL Armor can be reacquired at the holiday kiosk.

There are new ornaments for several of the current exotic weapons in game.

  • The Last Word
    • Sequel
    • Addendum
  • Thorn
    • Rose of Corruption
    • Rose of Acid
  • Red Death
    • The Steel Witch
    • The White Witch
  • Icebreaker (okay, this is not a current one, but it’s coming back soon!)
    • Nanochance
    • Dunemaker
  • Black Spindle
    • Cold Between Stars
    • Ragabone

Ornaments will also be obtainable individually from a new Eververse Kiosk.

Consumables?  Okay, there’s two new oversized head things.  Siva Snowman and Engram Snowglobe.  Meh.


  • Dawn’s Return
  • Hoarfrost
  • Magma

More emblems.  SRL related mostly.

Oh, and a Good Game Emote.



New Bounties from Zavala for Strikes and the Nightfall.

Introducing:  Strike Scoring

  • Scoring will contribute to a new strike score faction
  • Strike scoring record book will track things and grant rewards
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold ratings
  • Armor sets unique to this system

Remastered Strikes

SIVA Shadow Thief

  • Taniks Perfected – Uses an arc cannon
  • Perfected Walker
  • Hive Traps
  • Taniks will become empowered in the boss room.  Guardians will need to destroy SIVA nodes in order to break this.

SIVA or Taken Nexus Mind

  • Sekrion , Subverted Mind
  • The Aegis from the Vault of Glass makes a return.
  • Blinding/Cleansing mechanic from Vault of Glass makes a return during the boss fight.
  • Destroy Servitors objective replaced by killing Taken Captains.
  • Implements Sync Plates

SIVA Will of Crota

  • Hive in the fallen portions
  • Ogres and Shriekers throughout the strike
  • Hive slowing clouds
  • Once you enter Omnigul’s room, the doors to the hallway will lock.

New Strike Loot

  • Mark of the Nexus Undone

Sparrow Racing League


  • Campus Martius (Mars)
  • Infinite Descent (Venus)
  • Haakon’s Precipice (Earth –NEW)
  • Shining Sands (Mercury – NEW)

SRL/Strike Scoring Book “Competitive Spirit”

  • Free
  • Rank 2:  Signet of Speed (Emblem)
  • Rank 3:  SRL Champion’s Ornaments x 3
  • Rank 4:  Hoarfrost (Shader)
  • Rank 5:  Amanda’s Tag (Consumable)
  • Rank 6:  Good Game (Emote)
  • Rank 7:  Xur’s Tag (Consumable)
  • Rank 8:  EV-31 Nightbird (Sparrow)
  • Rank 9:  Saladin’s Tag (Consumable)
  • Rank 10:  Dawn’s Return (Shader)
  • Rank 11:  Star of Dawn (Emblem)

Book Objectives

  • Races Complete:  25
  • Gates Hit:  1000
  • Land Tricks:  100
  • Defeat enemies in Sparrow races:  50
  • Best Campus Martius Par time:  5:30
  • Best Infinite Descent Par time:  5:30
  • Best Shining Sands Par Time:  5:30
  • Best Haakon’s Precipice Par time:  5:30


  • Beat Par score in Heroic SIVA Crisis Strike playlist:  40,000
  • Beat par score in Nightfall Strikes:  55,000
  • Earn Cumulative score in Rise of Iron Strike playlists:  500,000
  • Complete Vanguard Elite Bounties:  20
  • Earn Rainbow Medals* in Rise of Iron strike playlists:  5
  • Earn Spree Medals in Rise of Iron strike playlists:  250
  • Earn Super Medals in Rise of Iron strike playlists:  50
  • Earn Completion Medals in Rise of Iron strike playlists:  20

*Rainbow Medals are earned by rapidly getting primary, secondary, and heavy streaks.


I’m sure that there will be even more to throw at you next week.  Maybe I’ll update this.  Maybe I’ll just make a new one with the actual patch notes.  I think that’s a good idea.

Make of this what you will!

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