12-13-16 Destiny Weekly Reset (Now with more SRL)

So it’s Tuesday again.  Do you know what that means?  That means my Firefly Cargo Crate will be waiting for me when I get home!  Oh yeah!

Oh, and it’s reset day for Destiny, also.  Fun times this week!  It’s also the beginning of The Dawning, which is a new event in Destiny, as well as Sparrow Racing League!  We’ll get into that in another post once the patch notes are out.  Oh, Patch 2.5 is out today also.

nightfallEpic, Grounded, Fresh Troops, Ironclad, Brawler

Target:  The Nexus “The Vex World-eating machine below the Academy has reawakened…”

Subclass:  To be completely honest here, this is one of the old strikes that has been brought back as of today.  It’s been a long time since I’ve run it, so I’ll probably be suggesting some pretty standard stuff here.  Safety things.  I doubt that it’s going to easy the first time through.

  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  I think you just can’t go wrong with having the save-your-ass Self-Revive ready to go heading into this one.
  • Hunter –  Nightstalker.  Can you ever go wrong with having some extra orb generation and crowd control?
  • Titan – Defender.  That bubble can be a life-saver at times.  Pick the appropriate perks depending on how things feel as you go, whether it will be Weapons of Light or Blessing of Light.

Loadout:  I’m going to change things up here and only list the my Exotic weapons of choice for loadouts from now on.

  • Primary –  Legendary.  Your choice.
  • Special –  Legendary.  Your choice.  I would actually suggest a decent Sniper Rifle, but not having run it, yet, I can’t say for sure.
  • Heavy  Yeah, I’m going to say it.  Gjallarhorn.  It still has its uses, one of which is boss damage and add cleanup.




  • Warlock – Stormcaller.  There really isn’t a better choice here when it comes to Arc BurnStorm Grenade, Superconductor, Rising Storm, Feedback, and your choice for the last column.
  • Hunter – You could conceivably use any of the subclasses here, but I’ll suggest going with Bladedancer.  Arc Burn plus Catapult ought to make things interesting.  Skip Grenade, Razor’s Edge, Fast Twitch, Quick Draw, and Encore or Hungering Blade.
  • Titan – Again, choose whichever subclass that you look, but I’m going for the clean sweep this week.  Striker it is.  Lightning Grenade, Shockwave, Overload, Headstrong or Transfusion, and your choice in the final column.

Loadout:  I’m going to change things up here and only list the my Exotic weapons of choice for loadouts from now on.

  • Primary – Ugh.  Okay, I admit that I’m getting a little tired of Zhalo Supercell, but that’s your choice here.  Screw that.  Grab your favorite legendary primary and get to it.
  • Special – Fourth Horseman.  Go have some fun this week.  I suppose that you could roll with Patience and Time, but why?
  • Heavy – Thunderlord.



Challenge:  Vosik

3 damage phases.  You have to use the extra two SIVA charge that drop during the first two damage phases to close two of the clean rooms (per damage phase).




  • Complete 5 Public Events in the Plaguelands
  • Complete 4 Servitor Encounters in Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 4 Shank Encounters in Archon’s Forge
  • Complete 4 Vandal Encounters in Archon’s Forge

Crucible Playlists

  • Inferno Supremacy
  • Rumble Supremacy

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Complete 7 Matches in Supremacy
  • Kill 50 Guardians using Primary Weapons in Supremacy
  • Get 30 Kill Credits in Supremacy
  • Deny 20 Crests in Supremacy

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Wormspore
  • Future War Cult – Spinmetal
  • Dead Orbit – Spirit Bloom
  • New Monarchy – Helium Filament


That’s it for now I think.  There will be another post later on today with the patch notes for today’s patch and release of SRL and The Dawning.  I’ll also update this once we know what the Nightfall is going to be.

In the near future I would like to get my write-ups for Aksis Phase 1 and Phase 2 in addition to one for the locations of the chests in Wrath of the Machine.  Hopefully soon on those.  Yeah, yeah, I know that I’m late on all of that.  Most people have gotten around to getting into the raid and a good portion have even completed it.  Then you have the rare handful that have complete Hard Mode.  Bite me.  I do this at my own pace. Hah!

Until later, people.



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