New Quests in Destiny

I couldn’t think up a silly title here..  mobile posting!
So I had a ton of fun racing with my clan last night.  I have to admit that racing with a full fireteam is tons of fun.  Everyone should try it.  There’s no rage, only extreme amounts of laughter.  We’ll do it again.  And again.  And again….  But anyway…  

I was looking through Ishtar Commander (Android and Apple app for inventory management) just now and realized that one of the quests I picked up last night has some interesting parts.  By interesting I mean amusing.  I’ll get into that in a moment.  I love it when there are more things to do in my favorite games.  It always helps out, you know?

First things first.  You’re going to go to the tower the moment you log in.  Why?  Well, you know that there is likely to be new stuff.  Likely it will be because you heard about it from someone else.

Eva, the shader and emblem last, will have a new quest for you to do.  It’s quick and simple.

  1. Go open the presents that are back behind the bounty-bot.  One of these I’d for the quest.  The others are for you.
  2. Talk to Ikora, Zavala, and Cayde.
  3. Return to Eva.
  4. Profit.

I just did this last night, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the reward was.  Oh, wait… It was two consumables I think.  An icy engram head and a Snowdreg head.

Now go and visit Amanda Holliday in the hanger.  She’ll give you another new quest.  I assume that you already picked up the ones from Zavala while you were there.

As you can see I’m almost done.  Here are the steps:

  1. Finish”x” SRL races.  Might have been 5.
  2. Gates hit (120?).  60 Gates hit in a single race.
  3. 10 races finishing in the top 3.  15 Consecutive gates hit.
  4. 3 wins.  3 races completed without being destroyed.
  5. Return to Amanda

Easy enough.  Rewards are about par for the course.

  1. EV-40 Snowscream Sparrow, Oasis Shader, SRL standing, Experience
  2. Circuit gloves, Circuit boots, SRL standing, Experience
  3. Circuit chestpiece, SRL standing Experience
  4. Legendary Engram, SRL standing, Experience
  5. Winner’s Circle Emblem, Ghast shader, SRL standing, Experience

Once you hit rank 3 in SRL Amanda will have another quest for you.

  1. As the screenshot shows above, kill 150 Fallen in the Plaguelands.
  2. Defeat Champs in the Challenge of Elders (3?)
  3. Complete “Fear’s Embrace” and “Outbound Signal” before the timer runs out.
  4. Return to Amanda

Fun times.  Back to the Plaguelands.  Back to the Challenge of Elders.  Back to Taken King story missions.

I’m assuming that the timer is going to be 15-20 minutes.  That’s a heads based on the final mission for the Red Bull quest line.


  • You get the S-41 Poison Apple sparrow for competing this quest line.

What’s next?  Let’s see…

Redone strikes!

I dnt think I need to spell it out.  You get a Skeleton Key, Vanguard Reputation, and Experience for competing this quest line.

Finally… So far…

Again, simple enough.  You get the White Tiger shader, Vanguard Reputation, and Experience for competing this quest line.

There is a new dead ghost hidden on the Bannerfall crucible map.  You can go into a private match to find it.  Once you do, you go back to the tower to find a hidden present that will contain Lysander’s something-or-another.  It’s rather hideous, but it’s free.  I won’t spoil the surprise further than that!

Maybe I’ll do some more later.

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