Destiny?  There’s an app for that…

Apps can get annoying.  Finding an app that does what you want or need it to do can be even more annoying.  There are many apps out there that do things similarly to others.  Let’s talk about them.

I’m currently laughing that my featured image doesn’t even show any of my installed Destiny apps.  Hah hah hah.

Also… I only have an Android phone so there may be slight differences with the iPhone versions.  They should be the same functionally but may be cosmetically different.

Also also…  There are lots of screenshots to show the differences in apps.


Hey, this one is all official and stuff since it’s coming straight from Bungie.  That should make it the best, right?  Nope.  At least it’s not the best in my opinion.  There are things that they could improve upon and add, but it does get the job done.

You can:

  • Manage your inventory
  • Check your progress on your missions
  • See what you’ve completed this week
  • Browse the official Destiny forums.
  • Read Destiny news

Okay, so the official app actually has the most features of any of them, but being official might have something to with that.

After using some of the other apps that are out there, however, I feel that some things could be done better.  I don’t like the interface for inventory management for example.

Ishtar Commander

This one my favorite.  I feel like things are much more intuitive.  Things are just so much easier to do and, personally, I think the interface looks allot better.

Sure, you can’t look at the grimoire cards or browse the forums.  You can’t view the armory or read This Week at Bungie.  What can you do?  Engram farming.  Loadouts.  Easily transfer items.  Easily.

What’s next?  Oh!


Tower+ doesn’t actually do anything that the other apps do except show what’s available on vendors and what bounties are available.

Okay, so it’s mostly screenshots, but there are descriptions in the captions!

Enjoy!  There are other apps out there, but these are the ones that I use.

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