Oh my… So Lazy

I’ve been lazy. I haven’t updated anything here in months. I’m going to get back into it, I think. Maybe even be a little more active.

We’ll see.

What have I been up to? Not much. More Destiny, of course. I did play Mass Effect Andromeda for a bit, but I just couldn’t keep it going. Then Bungie went and brought every raid forward to current light levels, and well… that’s all they wrote.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. Kicking ass with my clan, Tenebris in Lux. I even made a video for them. Because they rock.

They’ve really become my gaming family, I think. No. I don’t think that. I think I know that. Wait. Huh? Yeah, I know that. I’m not sure what I would be doing now if it weren’t for them. My wife and I are even hosting one of our clanmates for a few weeks. That’s going to be fun. House guest!

Hey. Destiny 2 is coming out soonish. That’s going to be fun if the hype turns out to be real! Here’s to hoping! My wife might even try to play! She hates shooters. They aggravate her to no end, but we’ll see what happens. Game types that you don’t like tend to grow on you when you’re playing with friends.

Without further ado… Here’s that video I mentioned earlier.

I’m thinking hard about getting my own domain and a web host.  I’ve got another project that I’ve worked on for the clan.  It’s a pretty simple website, but working on it has gotten me back into learning more on HTML, CSS, and the like.  It’s stuff that interests me, so I teach it to myself with a little help from online books and tutorials.  Sooo…  I might even be moving this blog to a different host as well as that site.  Cause I can.  And it gives me access to all kinds of goodies that I’m interested in!

Y’all just gotta deal with it. 🙂

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