I moved.  Everything.  Well, I didn’t physically moved.  I just moved my cyperspace presence.  Hah!

So here I am trying to be more active.  Fun times.

Now I need to make better header images.  Maybe fiddle with the customization a little more.  This is a bit different from running on WordPress itself.  I’ll make it work, though.  I have to!  I went and switched to an actual web host!  Fun times!

I already said that….

So I’ve been dabbling in learning new HTML goodies.  Responsive goodies.  The blog here is just a theme, but the site I made for my clan’s current event is all hand coded.  That actually is fun.  Learning is fun.  Yes it is.  If you’re interested, then you can find my work here at:

I did that.  I’m almost proud of it.  I’d like to make it look better than it does, but there you have it.  A kind of responsive site with ugly coding, so don’t look at that part.  I really should clean up the HTML and the CSS and maybe even comment it.  Maybe.  Oh, and I didn’t do that big old image on the home page.  A friend did that and I stole it for the event.  Fun times.

I did it again, didn’t I?  It’s late, and I’m tired.  Yes, 10:30 PM is late.  Kind of.  Still earlier than I’ve been going to bed here lately.  I think I’ll go play some Crucible, maybe.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  I’m just not sure.  I should try to get some sleep.  Another friend would tell me that I’m sure.  She’s a dork.

Maybe I’ll watch some Twitch.  I hear a previously mentioned friend is broadcasting a different game right now.  Something called SpeedRunners.  I’m just not sure about that…


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