Lost in Translation

So I moved my cyberspace presence to SiteGroung (and got a really good deal, too!  And goodies from SitePoint!).  The process of migration, however, ended up causing some image links to be lost.  I don’t think that I’m going to go back and add all of the featured images back, but I intend on using them again once I get back into doing regular posts, which I have every intention of doing.

I’ve also changed things around a bit.  Don’t be surprised if you see the theme or colors change relatively often over the next couple of weeks.  I keep playing with things and hoping that I like the way it turns out.  Right now…  I’m not a big fan of the image on the left side of the page.  We’ll see if I can come up with something better.

Sadly…  my widgets disappear when viewing my site on mobile with this current theme.  I’ll have to find something else.  I’m not going away from responsive themes, however, as I find it’s much nicer to have a site that can be viewed decently on any device.

I added a link to show when I’m streaming on Twitch.  That’s an interesting little touch that I like.  I’m not out to get viewers, but I’m not going to turn them down either.  I’m not above asking for donations, but I’m not going to beg for them.  Those things just help everywhere for the most part.

What else?  I have no idea.  Life is good.  Work is work.  Gaming is gaming.  Oh, and SpeedRunners?  Grab it if you’re on Xbox and have 3 other friends to play with.  I wonder how much fun it’ll be if we’re all drinking while we play…

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