6-20-17 Destiny Weekly Reset

So I added a timer to the top of the page.  Why?  Because I can.  That many days until Destiny 2 is released if the email that I got from Microsoft was correct.  It seems like it’s coming out a couple of days earlier than was first announced.  Well, that’s just hunky dory.  But hey!  It’s Tuesday again.  This only happens 52 times a year you know…  roughly.  I imagine that it’s sometimes 51 times, but that’s entirely beside the point.


Target:  Blighted Chalice

Remember how last week was no jumpy jumpy?  Go ham with the jumping this week.  Oh, and the fifth modifier is Daybreak.  So Mayhem for PvE.  Have fun!  Avoid the balls of death that Malok tends to shoot at you as he gets lower on health.  Options on gun are going to be interesting…


  • Warlock – If you’re not running Voidwalker then you’re doing it wrong.  Use Nothing Manacles if you’re a fan of those scatter grenades.  Otherwise, Obsidian Mind is not a bad call.  Space Magic for everything.  Every.  Thing.  Oh, Axion Bolt is also a good choice.
  • Hunter – Nightstalker.  You are the orb factory.  You can also use your grenades and smoke to kill everything.  Share the love.
  • Titan – Defender.  You actually get to be useful!  Okay, okay, you’re always useful, but I’m not suggesting a class that doesn’t match the burn of the week!  Your melee and grenades will do good things for you this week.  Don’t forget your Empyrean Belicose!


  • Primary – Word of Crota (Adept), Atheon’s Epilogue (Adept).  I honestly can’t remember the names of the other two raid primaries with Void damage this morning, but you could go with either of those also.  Unless you want to use an exotic in one of the other slots, which you certainly can do.
  • Special – Telesto is always the Besto!  I know some people don’t like Fusion Rifles, but honestly, that’s the best option that you can use here given the Void Burn and Airborne modifiers.  Shoot your cluster of targets, jump, watch this die as the Telesto-Needler rounds pop off.  Have fun!  Otherwise, grab a void Sniper so that you can teach Malok a different kind of lesson.
  • Heavy –  Nova Mortis or Truth.  You could also use Darkdrinker, but that’s not going to do you much good against Malok itself.




  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  Not only do you get to bring yourself back from the dead(again…  undeath?), you get to burn everything.
  • Hunter – Why not go Gunslinger?  You could use Celestial Nighthawk in order to do massive damage to the boss of each strike.  Or, don’t use CN and make things blow up with Combustion.  Throwing Knives and Swarm Grenades will make things die.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Hammers for everything when your super is ready.


  • Primary – Okay, so it’s Specialist this week.  But it’s also Juggler, so what to use?  If you want to use an Exotic Primary, then go with Vision of Confluence (Adept), Abyss Defiant (Adept), or ((FEVER AND REMEDY~)).  Otherwise, grab your favorite primary.
  • Special – Icebreaker.  You can use this  thing forever here.  Okay, just short of forever.  Another option is Lord of Wolves or even Invective.  Black Spindle will do nicely as well as long as you can keep your ammo reserves up.
  • Heavy – Gjallarhorn is always a good choice when it’s Solar Burn.  You can also use Nemesis Star, Abbadon, Sleeper Simulant, or Raze-Lighter.


Weekly Featured Raid:  Crota’s End

Deathsinger Challenge:  Kill everything in the room until the Swordbearer spawns.  Kill it.  Then kill Ir Yut with the sword within 2:17.  Roughly.  Kill her within 2:00 for a check mark in your book.

Crota Challenge:  Each person who uses the sword on Crota can only pick it up once.  That means that if you pick it up then you cannot drop it.  If you do, then you cannot pick it back up.

Weekly Story Playlist

Challenge of Elders


  1. Round 1
    1. Exposure, Brawler
  2. Round 2
    1. Grounded, Airborne
  3. Round 3
    1. Catapult, Arc Burn
  4. Round 4
    1. Specialist, Juggler
  5. Round 5
    1. Trickle, Small Arms

Maybe it’s the same thing every week now?  This looks like last week’s modifiers…



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  • Complete Captain encounters in the Archon’s Forge
  • Complete Dreg encounters in the Archon’s Forge
  • Defeat Fallen in the Plaguelands
  • Kill Fallen Majors or Ultras

Crucible Playlists

  • Mayhem Clash (Hey!  Go get your class quests done!)
  • ?

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • A Hunt for Glory – Supremacy
  • Taking Control – Control

Crucible Quartermaster Bounties

  • Pulse Rifles
  • Hand Cannons
  • Sidearms
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Heavy Weapons

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Wormspore
  • Future War Cult – Wormspore
  • Dead Orbit – Wormspore
  • New Monarchy – Wormspore


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