7-11-17 Weekly Destiny Reset

July 19, 2017.  The Beta for Destiny 2 begins.  What?  It actually starts on the 18th?  For Playstation only?  I don’t care.  The 19th is the day for me.  But that’s all a different type of information that doesn’t belong in a post about Destiny 1!

It’s Tuesday again!  It’s also 7-11 Day, so go and get your free Slurpee from your local 7-11!


Target:  Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

It’s another not-so-bad week to actually do the Nightfall Strike.  I might even actually do it if anyone needs it.  Small Arms and Solar Burn?  Yes please.


  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  Self-Revive and the Sunbreaker gloves.  Solar Grenades for everything.  Okay, not as good as when Catapult is active, but hey…  it’s still fun.  Song of Flame, Radiant Will, and Touch of Flame for more fun times.  Self-Revive if you think you need it.  Alternately, use Starfire Protocol and Fusion Grenades.
  • Hunter – Gunslinger.  Combustion, Gunslinger’s Trance, and Over the Horizon.  Don’t use your Celestial Nighthawk until you get to the boss, then melt it’s over sized skank face.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Nope, no Defender here!  Hammers everywhere!  Forge Master or Scorched Earth, Flameseeker, Simmering Flames or Fire Keeper.  Immolation Fist (Gloves) will give you Explosive Pyre free for even more fiery goodness.


  • Primary – Scout Rifle with Explosive Rounds.  Or a Hand Cannon of the same variety.  Vision of Confluence (Adept), ((FEVER AND REMEMBER~)), Abyss Defiant (Adept), or Vex Mythoclast could all be used here.
  • Special – Any Solar special that you want to use.  Really.  Unless you don’t have an exotic Primary to fit the bill.  Then go still go with whatever you want.  Black Spindle, Icebreaker, Lord of Wolves, Invective.
  • Heavy –  Your preference.  The same thing applies here as Special weapons.  Gjallarhorn, Sleeper Simulant, Raze Lighter, Nemesis Star, and Abbadon.




  • Warlock – Hey look!  Solar burn again!  Sunsinger.  Use the Nightfall suggestions.
  • Hunter – Gunslinger.  Ditto.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Ditto.


  • Primary – Your preference (Noticing a trend here?)
  • Special – Icebreaker, Black Spindle, Lord of Wolves, Invective.  Pick one and have an absolute ball with it.
  • Heavy – Your preference.  Um…  it really is your preference.


Weekly Featured Raid:  Wrath of the Machine

Vosik Challenge:  Defeat Vosik in 3 DPS phases.  Use the charges at the end of each DPS phase to activate two of the clean rooms during each of the DPS phases.

Aksis Challenge:  Defeat Aksis by activating a Supercharge plate before each stun of Aksis.  Supercharges cannot be missed.  Stuns cannot be missed.

Weekly Story Playlist

The Iron Lords

Challenge of Elders


  1. Round 1
    1. Exposure, Brawler
  2. Round 2
    1. Grounded, Airborne
  3. Round 3
    1. Catapult, Arc Burn
  4. Round 4
    1. Specialist, Juggler
  5. Round 5
    1. Trickle, Small Arms



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  • Complete Dreg encounters in the Archon’s Forge
  • Use the Iron Battle Axe or powerful enemy weapons to kill Fallen
  • Defeat Fallen Majors and Ultras
  • Complete Public Events in the Plaguelands

Crucible Playlists

  • Combined Arms
  • ?

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Back to Basics – Clash
  • A Game of Rift – Rift

Crucible Quartermaster Bounties

  • Scout Rifles
  • Hand Cannons
  • Fusion Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Heavy Weapons

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Wormspore
  • Future War Cult – Spintmetal
  • Dead Orbit – Helium Filament
  • New Monarchy – Wormspore


That’s it for today.  Have some fun with those burns.  Even Challenge of Elders has a burn.

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