Destiny 2 is Almost Here

The beta for Destiny 2 starts today for those who have pre-ordered for the PlayStation 4.  I suppose that you guys are lucky, but it’s just a short taste and then you actually have to wait one day longer than Xbox players before the game goes live.  So hah!

Okay, perhaps it’s not a longer wait.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if PlayStation players even got a 1 day head start on everyone else when the game goes live.  That would suck some serious ass, but it is what it is.  I’m hopeful that isn’t the case.

Destiny 2 has a release date of September 6, 2017.  There really isn’t that much more time before we get to jump in and have our progress actually count for something again.  That will be so very nice.  The beta starts today for PlayStation 4.  It starts tomorrow (7-19-17) for Xbox One.  Those dates are for those who have pre-ordered the game.  Open beta starts on the 21st for everyone else.  It all ends on the 23rd.   Get your play time in!  And if you don’t like spoilers then you’d probably better stop reading here.  This is your only warning.Right then!  On with it!

The story is a continuation of the original Destiny.  This time it’s the Cabal that have attacked and pretty much wiped out the Tower and captured the Traveler.  Captured?  I’m not sure that’s really right, but that might be the gist of it.  Gary (err….  Gaul) wants the Light for himself and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.  Fun times I think.  Gaul is pretty badass from what I was able to see from the videos that Bungie has released so far.  He might just be pretty tough to handle.

New Social Space

The Farm.  There really isn’t a whole lot of info here, but this will be our next base of operations.  I imagine that many of the things that you could do at our old social spaces can be done here.  There is, however, one addition:  SOCCER!  The net even lights up and fireworks fire off if you score a goal.  Oh.  And chickens.  There are chickens.

New Subclasses

There really is no rhyme or reason to how I’m typing this up, so bear with me.  Don’t like it?  Tough.  Anyway…

  • Hunter
    • Arcstrider – Arc based, of course.  This replaces Bladedancer as the Hunter’s arc based subclass.  This time you’ll get a staff and you’ll be able to dance around like Darth Maul while you’re wielding it.
  • Warlock
    • Dawnblade – Solar based.  Warlocks will be able to throw swords of fire at enemies.
  • Titan
    • Sentinel – Void based Captain America.  Okay, okay, that’s not really right.  But, you do get a shield that you can throw at enemies.  It will hit bounce from enemy to enemy and then return to you.

There is more information than this concerning these subclasses, but I just don’t feel like looking it up right now.  This is all from memory and that’s what you’re going to get until I get into the Beta and dig into it.


I’m still really on the fence about one particular change coming to the Crucible.  I’m not sure that I like every game mode being changed to only 4v4.  That makes things seem kind of small.  I’ll have to play it to really get a good opinion on that, however.

There is a new game mode coming.  It’s called Countdown.  If you’ve ever played the Search and Destroy mode if Call of Duty then you’ll have an idea of what this mode is like.  It’ll be faster paced, of course, in comparison with some of the S&D games I’ve played with a clan in the past.

In-Game Clans

Clans will be in game.  I could have told you more about this if I had typed this up a month ago.  Let me think here.

Well, one thing that will involve Clans is Guided Games.  This may be one of the best new things that I can think of at the moment.  It allows Clans who are perhaps looking for new members or just someone to fill out a fireteam.


Okay, I’ll admit that most of what I knew recently has pretty much left my mind.  So, that being said, I’ll revisit this topic after I’ve played the Beta some and gotten screen shots and video clips and so forth and so on.  I’ll better be able to offer information that way.

If you’re playing the Beta, then enjoy!  Have some fun!  Find bugs!  Report said bugs!


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