7-25-17 Destiny Weekly Reset

AI almost decided not to type this thing up this week, but here it is.  haven’t been feeling the whole Destiny thing lately, which is a different feeling let me assure you.  It feels like I’m in a holding pattern?  That might just be it.

The Destiny 2 Beta only kept me for one day.  Does that mean I have no interest in it?   Nope.  I just didn’t want to play the same activities over and over again this far from launch.


Target:  Winter’s Run

Void Burn.  Small Arms.  Daybreak?  There are some happy Guardians out there this week.


  • Warlock – Voidwalker.  There is no other.  Nothing Manacles and Scatter Grenades.  Obsidian Mind and Nova Bomb for days.
  • Hunter – Nightstalker.  Make orbs for your friends.  Kill everything else with your Smoke and Grenades.
  • Titan – Defender.  HAHAHAHAH!  Okay, okay, you guys are useful.  Just…  uh.  Don’t kill yourselves with your spike grenades.  Okay?


  • Primary – Word of Crota (Adept), Steel Medula (Adept), Atheon’s Epilogue (Adept), and whatever that hand cannon is from King’s Fall.  You know…  the Adept one that takes a year to reload.  On second thought, leave that one in the Vault.
  • Special – Void flavored Sniper.  Honestly, though, take your pick.
  • Heavy –  Void flavored anything.  A Rocket Launcher is likely your best bet.




  • Warlock – Sunsinger.  Make the world burn.
  • Hunter – Gunslinger.  More making the world burn.
  • Titan – Sunbreaker.  Even more making the world burn.


  • Primary – Vision of Confluence (Adept)
  • Special – Any Solar Flavored sniper rifle.  Ice Breaker if you’re not using an Exotic somewhere else.
  • Heavy – Any Solar flavored heavy.  Legendary, unless you really want to use something like Gjallarhorn or Raze Lighter.  I wouldnt.


Weekly Featured Raid:  Vault of Glass

Templar Challenge – Kill the Templar without letting it teleport.

Atheon Challenge – Kill Atheon while each member of the fireteam kills one, and only one, Oracle during teleport phases.

Weekly Story Playlist

The Iron Lords

Challenge of Elders

No.  Just no.


  1. Round 1
    1. Exposure, Brawler
  2. Round 2
    1. Grounded, Airborne
  3. Round 3
    1. Catapult, Arc Burn
  4. Round 4
    1. Specialist, Juggler
  5. Round 5
    1. Trickle, Small Arms



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  • Complete Patrols in the Plaguelands
  • Use the Iron Battle Axe or powerful enemy weapons to decimate hostile threats.
  • Defeat Fallen
  • Complete Public Events in the Plaguelands

Crucible Playlists

  • Mayhem Clash
  • ?

Lord Shaxx’s Bounty

  • Back to Basics – Clash
  • A Game of Rift – Rift

Crucible Quartermaster Bounties

  • Hand Cannons
  • Auto Rifles
  • Fusion Rifles
  • Sidearms
  • Heavy Weapons

Planetary Material Exchange

  • Eris Morn – Wormspore
  • Future War Cult – Spirit Bloom
  • Dead Orbit – Relic Iron
  • New Monarchy – Helium Filament


I think I need something else to do.  Diablo 3 has been taking some of my time here lately.  So has Gems of War.  Right now, though, I need to get my son registered for school.

Yay!  Summer is almost over!

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