QoL Improvements in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 kicks ass.  I think I can say that and mean it.  I haven’t really run into anything that has really irritated me about the game, but I imagine there will be something eventually.  There’s always going to be something that people are going to complain about.  I think they look for that thing to be honest.  With Destiny 2 it’s shaders.  Really?  Shaders?  C’mon.  Y’all can do better than that.  I’ve personally ended up with a ton of shaders.  Now, that might be because I could care less what my gear looks like at this moment in time.  I will likely change my mind once I’ve decided on what set of armor that I intend on keeping for every day use.  Or something like that…

So…  What’s new?  You guys have all pretty much read up or been told about most of the new things in Destiny 2.  Let’s try to spread the news about a few other little things that you may or may not have noticed.

There are tons of things in the world that you can scan for tidbits of lore or information.  There’s an icon that pops up in the top right corner of your screen that shows you that there is a scannable object near you.  The icon looks like a ghost, by the way, which just happens to look like this right here below.

Okay…  So I don’t have that screenshot.  Meaning I didn’t take one.  Oh well.  Watch the video just a little bit further down and you’ll see the icon.  Top right hand corner!

Moving on.  Once you see that icon then you’ll likely start looking around for the scannable object.  This doesn’t always work as the object very well could be below you or above you.  How can you tell where exactly the object is?  Pull out your Ghost!  It will, in fact, stare at the object which can lead you directly to it.  Watch!

Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

Next useless tip!

Your mini-map has a miniscule upgrade.  At least, I don’t remember seeing this in Destiny 1.  Okay, so get a fireteam member or two.  Now go and find somewhere where each of you can be on a different from each other, but still have everyone still appear on the mini-map.  Titan actually works pretty well for this.

Got everyone situated?  Good!  Now, get up off of your butt and go and look at your mini-map.  Notice anything kind of weird about it?  Your friend who is above you no longer shows as a solid circle.  They have a triangle within the circle pointing up instead!  The friend who is below you?  There is a triangle pointing down within their circle on the mini-map!  Useful?  Absolutely not.  Unless you like staring at the mini-map from relatively close up.  It’s just not big enough to notice.  And I really should have screenshotted that, but I didn’t.  So…  deal with it.

What else?

Well, nothing that I can really think of right at this very moment.  So, I’ll move on to something else.  Like work maybe?  Maybe.  Considering that is where I am right now.  HAH!

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