Running the Gauntlet

Holy crap this raid is nuts on mechanics.  And yes, that’s my opening.  You get to deal with that while I deal with everything else?  I think you’ve got the better part of that deal!


So…  we hit the Gauntlet the other night and managed to complete it after banging our head against the proverbial wall for a few hours.  This is what ended up working for us.  It’s so simple.  Okay, maybe not simple, but it’s surely simple enough that we did it!

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The Leviathan – The Gauntlet

Fun times!  Okay, maybe not.  No, it’s actually fun despite all the cursing that we’ve been doing towards this particular raid.  Bungie?  Mad props for coming up with some crazy mechanics in this place.

I’m not even sure where to start.  Oh, right.  The Castellum!

Remember that place with all of the Cabal where you have to get the standards and plant them on a seal and then protect them until you have 3 so that you can open the door to the next area?  Yeah, go do that.  It’s on the Blades seal.  I suppose that you could just wander around and look for the place that has Cabal crawling all over it, but I find it’s best to just remember where the seals are.  From the Entrance following the left wall…  Sun, Chalice, Blades.  Beast is in the middle.  Of course, if you’re running straight through the entire raid, then from the Pleasure Gardens…just exit out of there, turn right then jump over the little ledge.  Welcome to Blades.  I’ll wait here while you deal with all of that.

Got that taken care of?  Good.  Step on the plate with the weird looking pipe organ.  Get your entire fireteam on it.  It’ll start taking you up to the  Gauntlet.  When you get to the top you should take a look around.  Did you get the feeling that you were in a game show after you finished in the Pleasure Garden?  You might be right…

Really look around.  Take in your surroundings.  Check out the triangles on the walls in four different places.  You’ll see those emblems again.  If you get up next to the glass you’ll see those same emblems on the upper portions of the wall near those emblems on the walls outside.  All of this stuff is going to be important.

Okay, now, when you’re ready to start (NO NOT RIGHT NOW!) have 4 of you stand on 4 raised columns near each of those emblems with the triangles and stuff.  You’ll know you’re on the right one when it starts to lower into the floor.  Once all four have been lowered the event will begin!  Hope you’re ready!

You’re going to want to divide into two groups.  2 Guardians are going to be the runners.  4 are going to responsible for shooting those triangles, but you’ve got to do this in a certain way.  What I have planned for you will require almost no movement at all.  Almost none.

(OMG, this is taking forever.  I’m waiting for a video to finish saving and it’s being so slow… so very very slow!)

Your two runners (make sure they’re good at running and jumping) will be grabbing a charge that spawns after you’ve killed all of the adds (could be after a certain amount of time has passed, but I think it’s add based).  Watch out for the majors that come out.  Heck, watch out for everything.  Your 4 pillar Guardians are going to be responsible for one pillar.  It is there. They should make it their own.

Hey, we’re not done, so don’t try to start the event yet.

The pillar people have an important job.  They need to clear their adds before you guys get into the meat of things.  You don’t need to be on your pillar until your runners have entered the race track.  That’s what I’m going to call it.  Clear all of those adds and then get back onto your pillar.  Right…  Just so you know, it’s not always easy describing the best way to do things sometimes, so I’ll be leaving a video of our successful run at the end of this post.  Anyway!

Keep the emblem of your pillar in your mind at all times.  Check this out.

Click to enlarge that.  So, my pillar here is Sun.  Each of your 4 non-runners will be responsible for one of the Pillars.  In order from here…  Sun, Chalice, Blades, Beast.  Sound familiar?  This isn’t the start, however. Runners start at Chalice and Blades.  Once adds are cleared the charge will appear at the bottom of that column of triangles.  Here’s what we did…  The person at Sun, me, was responsible for shooting the top triangle of Sun and of Chalice.  The person at Chalice was shooting the bottom triangle of Chalice and Blades.  Blades was shooting the top triangle of Blades and beast.  Beast was shooting the bottom triangle of Beast and Sun.  That doesn’t make sense, yet, but it will.

Why just the top and bottom triangle when there are three?  Well, that’s so that you know exactly which triangle that you will be shooting when the runner makes their call.

Wait, what?  I’m getting there if you’ll let me finish with the pillar people…

After you’ve shot your triangle and they change from that blue color to green you’re going to have to jump down and play punch a Psion in a bubble, then book it back to your pillar so that you’re in position to shoot the appropriate triangle to your right.  That Psion only appears after a runner has gone through the checkpoint at your particular pillar, so pay attention.  Leaving the Psion up becomes a wipe.

That is essentially it for the pillar people.  I may have missed something, but I’m sure someone can let me know what I missed.

Okay, runners, you’re up!  Grab your charge and get running!

Remember how I said that the pillar people are going to be shooting the top and bottom triangle?  It’s your job to tell them which of the three is the one that they shouldn’t shoot.

Here is kind of what you’re going to see.  The biggest difference is that this is actually what happens after you runners have run through 3 times.  Everyone gets to join in.

As always, click that to enlarge.  Okay, you see your rings and you see the charges that are present in some of them.  When you’re running there will only be one charge.  You need to be vocal and tell your pillar people which row that the charge is in.  The exact location doesn’t matter.  It’s simply top, middle, or bottom.  The pillar people outside will know which ones that they need to shoot.  The charge will also extend your timer so that you can make it to the end without blowing up.  To help the pillar people know who is shooting what since you will have two people doing this at the same time on opposite sides…  you need to look up slightly.  You will see one of those emblems (Sun, Chalice, Blades, Beast) above those rings.  Your callouts should therefore be something similar to “Chalice Top” or “Beast middle.”

Once you do your callout you will need to jump through the ring that has the charge and continue on.  Again, you’re going to be doing three laps.  At the end of the lap there should be one of those charge things and a small wall.  Run into the charge to be teleported out of the track and then beeline for the center lift and slam the weird organ looking thing (I won’t say what Cutter called it…).

Lap one, lap two, lap three (no, you don’t get a lap dance…).  After the third lap and your third slam (which will hopefully have happened with both runners) everyone will meet in the middle.  6 charges will spawn and you will all be teleported into the race track once you pick them up.  Here the goal is simple.  Get 3 or 4 people to the end, but you have to be careful of your time!

You have 30 seconds to revive someone  who has died before your team is wiped.  Okay, so how is that important here?  If someone dies earlier on in the final lap, then you’re screwed.  You have about 45 seconds to make it from the start to the point that you slam the center plate.  Do that math real quick.

What did we do?  2 people designated to bring up the rear.  The two “best” runners will be up front.  So, the first 4 runners will call out which orb that they are going to get in the first set of rings.  Those 2 “best” runners will not get the second orb on the second set of rings.  This will allow the two in the back to get those two orbs in order to extend their own timer.  You only need 3 or 4 people to actually make it to the center, but the timing can be a bear.

Alright, it’s time for me to go.  Have fun!  That’s the most important part!


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