Some Helpful Stuff for Destiny 2

Alright, so there’s always something out there that someone needs help with.  Someone has a question about how to turn a public event into a heroic public event.  Someone else wonders where to turn in those tokens that he’s been gathering.

Okay, I’m not sure why anyone would wonder that, but you never know!  It’s pretty easy to tell, but hey.  It was something for me to work on and a reason to mess with TablePress.  

Public EventPlanet(s) found onTrigger
Cabal Injection RigDestroy 3 vents when they open up.
Fallen EtherEarthDestroy all small servitors.
Fallen Glimmer DrillEarthDestroy all glimmer machine nodes.
Spider TanksTitanDisable all force fields surrounding scorch cannons with arc charges. Disable the tank twice to have enough charges to do this.
Hive WitchesTitanStand hex circles. Kill first two witches. Stand in hex circles again, then destroy two crystals that were previously shielded.
Vex ConstructionActivate all 3 plates (occupy each one until it's 100%).
Cabal ExtractionDestroy the Cabal Thresher (ship) that appears.
Taken BlightsEarthEnter the smaller blights and then exit to gain a buff which allows you to damage the big blight. Shoot that thing.

This is really just a short explanation for things.  I have every intention of spicing it up with screenshots and maybe even some more explanations.  But there you have it.

IconToken NamePlanetTurn-in Vendor
EDZEuropean Dead Zone, EarthDevrim Kay in Trostland
Dusklight ShardEuropean Dead Zone, EarthDevrim Kay in Trostland
Dusklight CrystalEuropean Dead Zone, EarthDevrim Kay in Trostland
TitanTitanSloane in Siren's Watch
Alkane DustTitanSloane in Siren's Watch
Alkane SporesTitanSloane in Siren's Watch
NessusNessusFailsafe in Exodus Black
Microphasic DatalatticeNessusFailsafe in Exodus Black
Quantized DatalatticeNessusFailsafe in Exodus Black
IoIoAshir Mir in Rupture
Phaseglass NeedleIoAshir Mir in Rupture
Phaseglass SpireIoAshir Mir in Rupture
Vanguard TacticianTower, TravelerZavala
Vanguard ResearchTower, TravelerIkora
Tower, Traveler
CrucibleTower, TravelerShaxx
Gunsmith MaterialsTower, TravelerGunsmith
Weapon TelemetryTower, TravelerGunsmith
Emperor CalusTower, TravelerBenedict-44? (Beneath Hawthorne)
Trials of the NineEmissary
Dead OrbitTower, TravelerArach Jalaal
Future War CultTower, TravelerLakshmi-2
New MonarchyTower, TravelerExecutor Hideo

The useless information table!  Or maybe not.  It might be useful to someone I suppose.

Wow.  This is a really short post.  Um.  Hi.  And stuff.  And now bye!

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