The Leviathan – Calus Down

It took us awhile.  Longer than it probably should have, but we finally beat Calus in The Leviathan, the raid in Destiny 2.

I have to admit that Normal mode in this raid is nearly as hard as Hard mode in raids in Destiny 1.  I think I can attribute that to the fact that you only get 6 revives per encounter and that’s really only if you have a full fireteam.  Fun times.

Let’s look into what we did.  I imagine that we can improve things here, but we’ll work on that as we go.

The Leviathan – Calus

The big guy isn’t so bad once you get everything down.  Really.  Sure, things can get annoying when the game itself decides that there’s no reason for you to continue on, but hey.

Let’s start out with some tips that I think will help us in future runs.

  • Don’t Die – This one is probably the single most important tip that I can give.  Seriously.  I’m not sure how many times we ended up wiping before the third damage phase because of one death when we had no more revives left.  How to combat this?
    • Set your armor so that you have more Resilience and Recovery.  Resilience isn’t actually going to help you a whole hell of a lot, but it might be worth it.  Quicker Recovery of your health is always a plus.
    • Hide behind pillars.  Dodge and weave (Serpentine!  Serpentine!).  Don’t stand out in the open.  Keep your eyes peeled for the fiery maelstrom that Calus will attack with after each time that you knock out a Psion.  Be aware of your surroundings as much as possible.
    • Watch out for holes in the floor as well as ramps if you’re on the Outside.  Kill your Psions with extreme prejudice if you’re on the Outside.
  • Go Prepared – You’ll want your best weapons.  What you actually use will depend on where you are.
    • Kinetic – Scout Rifles are great at killing the Psions on the Outside.  They also do a very passable job of killing Cabal on the Inside.  The same thing applies to Hand Cannons.
    • Kinetic – Auto Rifles are great at killing Cabal on the Inside.  They also do pretty well with shooting Skulls on the Outside.
    • Energy – Coldheart shines both on the Inside and the Outside.  It can shoot Skulls with the best of things and it doubles to do good DPS on Calus when the time comes.
    • Heavy – You’ve got a choice between a Sniper Rifle or a Rocket Launcher here.  I’m not sold on the idea of Grenade Launchers or Fusion Rifles for this fight.  Merciless may do well, but I haven’t tried it, yet.  My suggestion here is to go with a Rocket Launcher that has Cluster Bombs (Vanguard or Raid drop).  Otherwise, you could go with a high impact Sniper Rifle.
  • Titans and Warlocks – Rally Barricade and either Healing or Empowered Rift.  This two things are important.
  • Safety Bubble – It’s not Titan created, but there is a safety bubble available if it’s ever needed.  Find yourself in a jam and you’re losing health fast?  Jump into the bubble with one of the Psions.  You can’t shoot out, but the bad guys that are kicking your ass can’t shoot in either.

I’m sure that there’s something else, but I’m currently drawing a blank on this Muhgday Mehnin.  Oye…

Welcome to the Throne room.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

There are two zones to this fight.  There is the Inside and the Outside.  I suppose that you could call them whatever you really want, but these might be the simplest labels.  Throne Room and Dimension.  Laser Face and Skulls.  Pick your labels and run with them, but don’t change them once you’ve started using a pair.  That will only serve to confuse everyone.

For starters you’ll need to divide into two teams of three.  You may want to put at least two of your strongest Guardians on the Inside as they will have to kill adds with regularity.

The Inside

You guys have the hard job.  You’re going to have to control adds as well as play Whack-A-Psion based on what your friends on the Outside are telling you.  Oh, you’ve also got to avoid Calus’s laser face attack and his fiery maelstrom attack.

There are four platforms that you are going to have to pay attention to.  Each one will have one of those emblems that you’ve seen throughout the raid.  Remember the locations of these to make things a little easier on yourself.  The far right platform from the entrance is Sun.  Moving counter clockwise from there they are Beast, Blades, and finally Chalice.  These are important.

Shoot Calus’s cup to get the encounter started.  He’s going to look rather perturbed, but ignore that and get down to killing things.  The adds will pour from the doors to the right and left of the throne as well as from the door beneath it.  It’s not a lot of them, but they can cause problems if you’re not careful.  Once you’ve killed most or all of them, a Psion in a bubble will appear on each of those platforms.  You’ve got a choice at this point.  You can be compelled by the promise of the Power ammo that these Psions can drop, but be aware that if you punch any of these Psions then the Inside people are going to have to deal with many more adds than they would have normally.  It’s much easier if you choose not to punch them.

Calus will then clap and send you all to the Outside for a timeout.  He’s still apparently perturbed.

This is what you’ll see when you get teleported Outside.  We’ll touch more on this later on.  Take your assigned orb and head back into the throne room via teleportation.  Right.  You really should assign orbs for the three that are going back Inside.  Right, Middle, and Left.  This will just make it so that two of you don’t run for the same orb at the same time.  That’s no fun.  Or is it?

Right!  To make things even less confusing you may want to go ahead and assign sides by orbs.  So if you take the right orb, then you’ll cover the right side.  Anyways.  Onward!

Set up appropriately once you’re back Inside.  One person to the right.  One person to the left.  The third person is going to be floating between both locations.  Right and left people are going to have to bob and weave, kill adds, and then punch whatever Psion whose emblem was not called.  Sun, Beast, Blades, or Chalice.  They look like this…

This, of course, only shows two of the four, but you get the picture.  The Outside people are going to be saying three emblems (clearly and quickly) and you’re going to jump up and punch the Psion whose emblem was not called.  Easy enough.  Let’s move on to those Outside people.

The Outside

Your job is actually easier, but you’re going to have to be on your toes.  Take a close look at some of the pictures that follow and take note of the fact that the floor is not smooth in the least.  There are sunken tiles and ramps.  If you get through one damage phase against Calus then you’ll have to worry about holes as well, though they’ll be where the sunken tiles were before.  I think so anyway.

That translucent barrier that you see if the picture above is what’s going to keep you from getting sucked forward.  This one is a freebie.  Each one thereafter will depend on your communication and the Inside team punching the appropriate Psion in a bubble.  You don’t have to crouch at this barrier.  You can stand if you like.  Now, watch the big ugly Piggie face.  See that circle on its forehead?  One of those emblems is going to appear there like so…

In this case I would immediately call out “Sun” since I was on the right and was going first on the callouts.  This would be followed by the middle person and then the left guardian.  Let’s say the the next two were “Blades” and “Beast.”  The people on the Inside would punch the Psion at Chalice while you start doing the next bit.

You should immediately look for two Psions in bubbles after making your callout.  They will wipe your attempt if they’re allowed to explode.  This first barricade will only have these two Psions.  Every barrier after this will also have two of these Psions, but they’ll also have red bar Psions who can really ruin your day.  Shoot the red bar Psions as soon as you are able to, immediately after your callout or during.  They are your first priority as they have their range purple ball melee which can launch you into the air causing you to get sucked to your death.  It can also cause considerable burn damage if it happens to miss you.  Kill these psions fast and then kill the Psions in a bubble immediately after and faster.

You will be stopped by 5 barriers while you’re Outside.  You will have callouts for the first 4 barriers.  After you’ve killed the Psions at the fifth barrier the suck will stop.  And the Bad Piggie will switch to blow.  Gather up on one spot with your Warlock.  You brought a Warlock right?  Pereferrably a Stormcaller with Arc Soul?  Please tell me that you did, because it’s going to make your life easier, I promise.  Anyway, gather in one spot a couple of steps away from where the last barrier stopped you.  The Bad Piggie will start throwing up skulls at you.  Your Warlock will drop his rift and the three of you will proceed to shoot the skulls that are coming out of its mouth.  Once the skulls have stopped you will step into one of those orbs in front of you to get teleported back to the Inside.

The Inside

You’ve been listening to and following directions from the Outside crew, right?  Killing adds and punching Psions?  Good.  Once those skulls start flowing on the Outside, good old Calus is going to gain an overshield and start glowing like so.  You’re going to have to take down that overshield before he wipes your fireteam.  However, you can’t just take it down immediately.  You’ve got to let it sit there for a little bit so that the Inside team can shoot skulls.

One person should be watching the Force of Will count in the bottom left corner of your screen.  Right above your Super bar.  That person should decide when the Inside team will take down Calus’s overshield so that the Outside crew can stop shooting skulls and return to the Inside.  This will be the start of your DPS phase.  Watch out for the packs of dogs that get released.  They’re not really that bright, but they have a nasty bite.

Alright, your Inside crew has returned.  Everyone group up by the Sun platform.  Nobody jumps on the plate before the go ahead is given.  Don’t take too much time, though.  I have no idea what will happen if you stand around, but it can’t be good.  So, get ready.  Get set.  Get on the plate and dump some damage into the bastard’s head!  Your Titan can drop a Rally Shield here for quicker reloads.  Healing rifts can also help counteract Calus’s laser face attack.

Personally I like to dump my Power ammo into him at this point since there is bound to be some on the ground between plates.  Once my Power ammo is low or out then I’ll switch to either Kinetic for a short bit or Energy.  Enter Coldheart.  Constant DPS on the boss.  But, there is one little problem.  You’ve got four platforms that you can stand on.  You realize that you can’t stand on one of them forever.  So watch Calus closely.  He’ll raise his arm and then blast the platform that you’re standing on with fire.

If you look closely at that picture you will see Calus raising his right arm up into the air.  This picture is actually from later on in the fight as I’m sure you can tell.  So, if you’re just starting on damage then you’re going to see his fleshy arm raise.  This is your cue to get the hell off of the platform and move to the next one (Beast).  Proceed to continue doing your DPS from there until he raises his arm again.  Then book it to the next platform (Blades).  DPS, watch for the arm to raise, move to the final platform (Chalice.)  DPS him to your heart’s content until he becomes immune and then move back to where you started initially so that you can kill the adds and get ready for your second run through the In and Out.

Once you’ve gone through this whole thing again and you’ve got him close to death then he’ll give himself an overshield and go into final stand.

Pour everything you’ve got into him at this point.  Kinetic, Energy, Power, Grenades, Supers.  Everything.  Whatever you’ve got that does damage.  It shouldn’t actually take much.

Great, you’ve beaten Calus.  Teabag him.  Take a picture.  Dance on his robotic corpse.  Oops.  Spoiler!  Celebrate!  Unless it’s all just old hat to you.  Either way, here’s Tenebris in Lux getting our first Calus kill.  It’s our entire fight and runs about 10 minutes, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Here is where I warn you about the language in the video.  We’re all adults and I won’t censor us for viewers.  So…  Sorry about that?

In closing, I would like to say just one thing.  The one thing that a certain person almost always says when we take down a raid boss.  He almost said it this time, but his timing was way off.  Maybe he was excited or in shock?  It’s hard to say.

Calus, you, sir, can “Eat a bag of dicks.”

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