9-26-17 Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

So what’s new?  Oh, not much.  Just hanging out in the living room on my recliner and typing up these piddly reset notes for Destiny 2.  There isn’t a whole lot to type up so it shouldn’t take long, but there is at least one new thing to add.  Faction rally!

It’s really not much, but I guess it gives people something to do.  That’s a good thing.  People need things to do.  It keeps them out of trouble.

Oh, if I ever randomly stop doing this every week?  Then I’ve probably gotten bored…

Target:  Pyramidian, Io


  • Torrent – Think Daybreak.  Boundless power erupts from within.  Your abilities recharge much faster.
  • Timewarp:  Zero Hour – This mission timer CANNOT be extended.  You have 22 minutes to complete the Nightfall.  You have 17 minutes in Prestige.


  • Speed of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.
  • Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.
  • Siege Engine – Do not allow Brakion to remain shielded for more than 40 seconds before defeating it.

The Flahspoint is the only one that will change from week to week, but these are things that you can do in game in order to acquire “Powerful Gear.”  These Legendary Engrams will decrypt higher than your base power level.

Flashpoint: Io – Complete Public Events on Io.  Buy your Treasure Maps from Caybe before heading out to do this!

Nightfall:  Complete the weekly Nightfall Strike

Call to Arms:  Win glory by participating in Crucible matches.

Clan XP:  Earn Clan XP in strikes, raids, the Crucible, or world activities.

Raid: Complete The Leviathan.

The Leviathan

The first encounter this week will be Game Show (Gauntlet)!  Come on down!  You’re the next contestant on…  something.  I’ll think of something.

Faction Rally

This event will last until next week’s reset.  Basically, you’ll pledge yourself to a faction and then work all week to raise your reputation to that faction.  At the end of the week, Dead Orbit will sell their weapon way cheaper than the other two will. Why?  Because everyone either wants Black and White shaders or they are just dying to get their Hung Jury back from Destiny 1.

Seriously.  There was a poll on Reddit and Dead Orbit got over 50% of the vote.  Oye…

  • Dead Orbit – Haunted Earth (Scout Rifle) – High Impact, More ammo plus faster reload when crouched.
  • Future War Cult –  Heart of Time (Pulse Rifle) – Rapid Fire, Firefly.
  • New Monarchy – Interregnum XVI (Sidearm) – Full Auto, Faster time to ADS

So, pick which faction that you want to increase your reputation with the respective vendor and then make sure one of your alts is  pledged to Dead Orbit so you get their gun cheap, because neither of the other factions is going to win.  Thanks Destiny community.  You’re the shit.


And with that I’m done.  Hope y’all have a nice day!  Or whatever.  Go shoot some crap!



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