FeK is BACK!

FeK.  Get it?  Iron Banner, affectionately called Iron Banana.  Bananas are loaded with Potassium.  Soooooo….  FeK!

Okay, maybe not.  Perhaps I went a little overboard with that.  Maybe.  Screw it.  It’s done and Iron Banner is here for the first time in Destiny 2.  Is that a good thing?  Yes.  Will it change people’s perceptions of certain aspects of Destiny 2?  Nope.  It’s really more of the same but with loot that looks different.  The guns are reskins.  The armor looks a little different.  It doesn’t really look that bad.  But anyway, on with the important stuff, right?

Game Mode:  Control

Number of players:  4 versus 4

So basically it’s Crucible with themed rewards.  That’s cool.  To a point, but there’s only so much that can be changed without redoing everything again.


You’ll notice at the bottom of that image that there are two milestones.  There is a daily and a season milestone.

  • Iron Banner: Season 1 – Collect 10 Iron banner packages during season 1 (This is an account wide Milestone)
  • Daily: Iron Banner – Complete 3 challenges in the Iron banner

The matches that you play in Iron Banner will also count towards your Crucible Milestone.


Iron Banner has challenges that you can complete just like every other activity in Destiny 2.  Today’s challenges are as follows:

  • Win a match with a K/D better than 1.0
  • Kill 5 enemies in one life
  • Capture 5 Control Points

The first two could end up being difficult for some, but don’t worry too much about it.  The challenges tomorrow may just be different.

Ranking up

Fun times.  Right?  Grinding all of that reputation in order to get your rank up packages.  YAY!  So how do I go about getting the tokens that I need in order to increase my rank with Saladin?

  • Win! – 5 tokens
  • Lose… – 2 tokens
  • Challenges – 2 tokens per each completed
  • Daily Milestone – 15 tokens

Easy enough.  You should be able to get at least 1 rank up package a night.  You might even be able to get 2-4 packages a night if you can manage to complete the daily milestone and get some wins in.


This is all anyone really cares about.  Right?  I mean, you’ve got to get all the phat lewts!  Aaaaand, enough of that talk.  Thought I left that back in Everquest, but I guess not.  It still pops up from time to time.

You cannot gain Iron Banner gear at the end of a match.  Just tokens.  Had to get that out of the way first.

You obviously want your Guardian to look his/her best.  Iron Banner might just give you that chance!

Click to enlarge those by the way.  If I set them up right of course.

Those class items, though.  Me likey.

Guns!  Guns!  My kingdom for some Guns!

Cleanshot IS
Red Dot 2 M0A
Rifle Scope ST
Tactical Mag
Armor-Piercing Rounds
Truesight HCS
HitMark HCS
Crossfire HCS
Flared Magwell
Alloy Magazine
Red Dot 2 M0A
Red Dot Micro
Rifle Scope SSF
Armor-Piercing Rounds
Extended Magazine
HitMark IS
Red Dot Micro
Rifle Scope SSF
Tactical Mag
Accurized Rounds
SLO-10 Post
SPO-028 Front
High-Caliber Rounds
Drop Mag
Cleanshot IS
Red Dot 2 M0A
Red Dot Micro
Liquid Coils
Enhanced Battery
Control SAS
Tactic SAS
FarPoint SAS
Ricochet Rounds
Accurized Rounds

And apparently I missed one this morning in my grabbing of screenshots.  Then again, I don’t recall even seeing this…

The Day’s Fury – Grenade Launcher

  • Precision Frame
  • Countermass
  • Confined Launch
  • Volatile Launch
  • Mini Frags
  • Spike Grenades
  • Snapshot Sights

Fugly formatting there, but I’m annoyed at the moment and can’t be bothered to come up with something better.  NARF!

Now if I were to pick guns that I wanted in particular…  It will eventually depend on how they feel while being used, but these are the ones that I think that I want to play with:

  • The Steady Hand – Hand Cannon
    • High impact, but I imagine that this thing is going to reward someone who knows how to use it.  It would take a lot of practice for someone like me I think.
  • The Forward Path – Auto Rifle
    • Auto Rifles are in a good place in Destiny 2, so this is a no brainer.  I’d be happier if it were a 450 RoF Auto instead of 600, though.
  • The Wizened Rebuke – Fusion Rifle
    • A hard hitting Fusion Rifle that has a perk that is similar to Plan-C from Destiny 1?  Yes, please.


At any rate, go kill things, Guardians.  Other Guardians included this week.  Don’t get salty!  Don’t be a try-hard!  Just have fun.  That’s the important part.  And group up!  Grab some friends or clanmates and go win some games!  And have fun!

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