10-31-17 Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Happy Halloween!

The ghouls and goblins and witches will be out tonight, so keep your Light safe! And if you’re not out, then it might be a good idea to keep plenty of candy stocked for those who will be out!  I know we are mostly stocked.  Hopefully we have enough.  Halloween at my house consists of sitting on the front porch for a couple of hours giving out goodies to the couple of hundred of kids that inevitably show up.  It’s actually fun, despite the fact that I generally despise people.  Kids aren’t so bad.  They haven’t learned how not to be rude and annoying adult cunts.  (Yeah, I said that, and I’m not going to apologize!)

Target:  The Arm’s Dealer


  • Prism – Your attacks matching the focused element deal increased damage.  All other elemental damage is reduced.  Kinetic and incoming damage is unaffected.  The focused element rotates periodically.
  • Timewarp: Killing Time – Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer up to a limit.


  • Speed of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining
  • Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths
  • Trash the Thresher – Shoot down a Thresher while fighting Bracus Zahn.


The Flahspoint is the only one that is likely to change from week to week, but these are things that you can do in game in order to acquire “Powerful Gear.”  These Legendary Engrams will decrypt higher than your power level.

Flashpoint: European Dead Zone – Don’t forget to get the treasure maps from Cayde before you head out!  Complete Public Events in the EDZ

Nightfall:  Complete the weekly Nightfall Strike

Call to Arms:  Win glory by participating in Crucible matches.

Clan XP:  Earn Clan XP in strikes, raids, the Crucible, or world activities.

Raid: Complete The Leviathan.

The Leviathan

Pleasure Gardens – It’s probably easiest to just do this section in one go provided that you aren’t seen before you get an optimal number of stacks.  I also haven’t verified that this is the first section, but it should be.  Have fun!


Yes, the Nightfall is Arms Dealer again.  You have to remember that Bungie changed the Nightfall last week due to issues in the Nightfall.  This is still the correct rotation for the few strikes that we have.

Also, Flashpoints are always on the same rotation.  EDZ, Nessus, Titan, Io, and then back to the EDZ.  I believe that this is correct.

Raid challenges go live today at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM UK.  It ought to be interesting to see what the challenges are going to be and whether or not we’ve been doing any of the encounters that challenge way or something else entirely.

Tess is selling Dancy Dance this week for 700 Bright Dust.  You can also pick up the following shaders:  Midnight Talons, Watermelon, and Golden Trace.  Each shader is 40 Bright Dust.

Y’all have fun doing whatever it is that y’all will be doing this Halloween.  Don’t eat too much candy!  Save some for the kids you greedy bastards.



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