Why can’t we just…

…all realize that we’re all just humans?

I mentioned this to a family member over Thanksgiving. It’s something that has always really bothered me about us as a species. Seriously. We’re all the same once you get right down to it. We have the same skeletal structures, the same cardiovascular systems, and many other systems and whatnot that we have in common with every other member of our species.

What do we do? We judge. We have been prejudiced against others since we first started walking on two feet. But why? Why do we, individually, decide that one person is lesser than us because of the color of their skin or the religion that they practice?

Does any of that really matter in the end?

I’ve experienced prejudice. Perhaps it was never on the scale of others have experienced, but I’ve felt it just the same because my skin wasn’t the same color as the kids I went to school with. Let me amend that and say that kids are just mean anyway. I was often called a “chink” or “jap.” Things were said about the slant of my eyes or the color of my skin. That evolved later on to jabs about being a nerd and a geek. I ended up not even paying attention to most of that by high school. They were just words and I was my own person. Nobody could take that away from me by insulting me.

Now? None of it bothers me at all. I am a proud card carrying member of the Asian/Geek/Nerd/Dork community. I’m a time wasting and lazy gamer. Say what you will about me, I’m mostly successful in life. Yes, my married life has ended up being unsuccessful but this is life. My son is a great little person with a heart that’s much bigger than mine. I have owned my own business for the past two years, and it has been a successful business for almost 16 years now.

I’m also an Athiest who is studying Wicca that happened to grow up in Virginia around plenty of religion. I’m not a Democrat or a Republic. It’s an Independent life for me, yet I never vote for the Independent on any ballots for the most part.

All of that is me. But what does any of that have to do with what I started talking about in the first place? Not much. I got sidetracked.

Judging someone by the color of their skin does not make any sense to me. Neither does it make any sense to judge someone based on their nationality, sexual preferences, religion, gaming console of preference, or any other factor. We’re all the same. Money, occupation, male or female. None of that matters. We’re all the same.

The only difference between any of us is our personalities and there are plenty of times that those don’t mesh. We’re only human after all. What separates us from other animals? Our minds.

Is that good or bad? Animals don’t shun others if their own species because their coat is a different color. An exception can be made for those that are born with albinism in the animal kingdom. That becomes an issue of survival and an albino animal can sometimes be excluded from the pack in order to protect the rest of the pack.

We think entirely too much about issues. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use our minds. We should just direct our mental energies towards better things.

I really think that we could solve the problems of the world if we just realize that we’re all the same. We’re all human. We make mistakes of course. We’re not perfect. We are scared of things that are different from ourselves.

One problem is that we are raised to believe such things. Our parents and grand parents may not do it on purpose but it happens anyway. These prejudices have become ingrained in most of us, and it will take a long time to rid ourselves of them. There is no short term fix for us. All that we can do right now is to teach our kids to not act how we have in or lives; to see everyone for they are. Human.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

I can forgive those that ridiculed me in the past for being different and I have. They didn’t know any better. They were young and, I mean no offense here, stupid. We all were at one point in our lives.

Okay. I feel like I’ve rambled quite a bit this morning. I’m sure that the order of what I’ve typed up here makes little to no sense, but I can’t make myself try to edit any of this on my phone where I am currently tapping this out and posting. I’m pretty sure that I had a point and lost it somewhere along the line.

Just remember when you are out and about that the person walking past you is no different than you despite the fact that they may look different. They are the same as you despite the fact that they might prefer the company of the same sex. They are the same as you even if they don’t believe in the same god as you.

In the end we’re all just humans.

And in the end we’re all just dust.

Oh. And I’m not sure where exactly that my featured image came from. I just grabbed it off of a Bing search. So bad…

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