You Single Parents Rock

One of the hardest things that I have ever encountered has been being the single dad. I have developed so much respect in recent weeks for those single moms and dads out there that have been doing this a lot longer than I have. It’s amazing how much that you have to take care of when you’re suddenly without someone else to take part.

All things considered, however, my son is old enough to do many things on his own and that helps immensely. He does his own laundry on Sundays. He feeds himself unless I plan on doing something particular for dinner. He generally takes care of his school work before doing anything fun. I’m extremely proud of that kid. It’s certainly a big help knowing that he can take care of a few things in order to help me out.

Does that sound selfish? No, not to me anyway. I can freely admit to having felt overwhelmed since my wife left us. The house was a mess inside and out. Neither one of us had done a very good job in keeping things clean, and I was procrastinating pretty badly on the outside stuff like trimming the bushes. Then, all of a sudden, I needed to take care of everything.

I am admittedly lazy about some things. That has changed quickly over the last several weeks. I didn’t actually get the house cleaned up on my own though. My parents came over while I was at work and did a lot of the heavy lifting. I’m extremely grateful that they did that, yet I was also upset that they did.

You see, I’m a very independent individual. It was embarrassing to me that the house had gotten as bad as it did. That was just my wife’s fault. It was mine as well so I figured that I would tackled everything on my own. I was getting there by doing a little bit at a time. That’s something that you have to do when you work six days a week.

Yeah. I work six days a week. Ten hours on weekdays and then another 6 hours on Saturday. That makes it difficult to get things done at home, but I’m making things work, and I will continue to make things work. Even dating should that prospect arise (doubtful of that, but that is a different story altogether).

Gaming itself has fallen by the wayside. Overwatch captured my attention for a couple of hours last night. Thanks Winter Wonderland event. I received my invite to the Sea of Thieves technical alpha this morning. We’ll see if I end up participating. My interest in gaming just hasn’t been there over the last week. I’ve been catching up on Netflix. Hey, The Punisher and Iron Fist aren’t that bad.

Writing has come back into my life as an interest, yet I haven’t written anything new. It’s funny how that works. I want to do it, but that pesky writer’s block is still there. At this point I think it’s just a complete lack of the imagination that I used to have.

That last paragraph is pretty off topic, but that’s okay. I tend to ramble anyway. So here’s to another rambling post, which is just me putting my thoughts on paper for my singular reader. Maybe the two of you. Though it’s more likely none. I’m okay with that. I never did this to get followers.

I need a project outside of my home life. A hobby maybe. Perhaps a new gaming thing or website. Something that I can work on during my slow periods at work. Maybe dabble in a new programming language? One day I’ll figure that out as well.

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