Been thinking

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I know, I know. That’s dangerous. No, it’s not dangerous at all. It’s something that we all should do so much more of. We, as humans, generally don’t think enough, though there are some who do entirely too much of it.

Life is such an interesting thing. We start off as babies who can do nothing on our own. We need help with everything. This is where our learning begins. Then we are children, and we continue to need help with things but not as much as before. Our learning intensifies and continues. Teenagers? We knew it all. There was nothing else to learn, and we could do it all.

That’s where things change. We head into our working years ready to take on the world. A new job is begun and we have to learn how to do it. We have to learn how to keep it. Maybe some of us get married and start a family. We then have to learn how to be a spouse and a parent. Some of us mess that up and then we get to learn some of that all over again.

At some point, however, we revert back to our teenage selves and think that we know it all. We’ve got it all figured out, and that is so very far from the truth. Learning is something that we should do every single day of our lives.

“But I’m done with school! There is nothing that I want to learn about!”

Oh yeah? This is true. You might be done with school, but there is one thing that you are done with: Life.

You actually do learn something new every day even if you don’t realize it. It might be something as simple as realizing that the little arrow next to your gas gauge on your car tells you which side you should fill up your gas tank on. It might be that if you cut the top off of a plastic bottle you’ll have a pretty decent funnel.

There are many things that I realize that I now need to learn, and they have nothing to do with mundane things such as those. These are things that I find that I want to learn; that I need to learn.

I feel the need to learn how stop doubting my myself so much. It really doesn’t do me any good at all. It is, in fact, harmful to me.

I need to learn to like, even love, myself. I’ve always felt that I’ve tried to like others much more than myself, and I really cannot continue to do that.

I have to learn how to better myself in all things. Self improvement is not a bad thing.

I want to learn how to live. I know the day to day struggle of living. I know how to continue with my normal routines of waking, working, relaxing, and sleeping, but I don’t know how to really live.

I think that last topic is one thing where many of us make our mistakes.

It’s time to rectify that.

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